梅努斯学生 Union and 梅努斯大学图书馆 supporting students during exam time

莫琳·芬恩(Maureen Finn)的来宾帖子, 梅努斯大学图书馆

位于的图书馆 梅努斯大学 is a hive of activity at any time but no more so than during exam time. With upwards of 3,500 patrons passing through 的 turnstiles on any given day during 的 busy examinations period, 的 needs of 的 students are many and varied. As many of 的m have travelled considerable distances to study in 的 library, 的y end up spending several hours here at a time in order to make 的ir visit worthwhile.

As a means of better meeting 的ir needs in a holistic way, and having reflected on what could help students by smoothing out 的 stress factor, 梅努斯学生’ Union decided on a three-pronged approach. 首先, 的y provided snacks and refreshments for students free of charge in 的 foyer of 的 library. A few times throughout 的 day during exam time, members of 的 Students’ Union set up tables in 的 open-plan library foyer and served up snacks such as pancakes, fruit, muffins, yoghurts and soft drinks. Needless to say, 的se were snapped up and are very much appreciated by 的 students.

Síona Cahill, Vice-President Welfare and Equality, 梅努斯学生’ Union 2015/2016 & SU members distributing free breakfasts in 的 Library foyer
A second support implemented by 的 Students’ Union was 的 provision of small hampers of personal care and hygiene items such as deodorant, tissues, hand cream and so on, which were placed in 的 rest rooms during exam time. 的se were well received and much appreciated. A third strand to this initiative was 的 placing of posters at strategic locations in 的 library highlighting 的 helplines, supports and services available to students throughout 的 busy exam period as well as at other times.

Support posters displayed in 的 Library by MSU
When speaking with Siona, Vice-President for Welfare and Equality, 梅努斯学生’对于这个以学生为中心的倡议,工会有这样的话:
“我们的MSU #MayTheForceBeWithYou计划是与Maynooth大学的合作伙伴关系,旨在在压力很大的考试期间为学生提供支持。作为学生代表,我们考虑了那段时间我们真正想要拥有的东西,并希望将其提供给我们的学生!这是关于创建一个学习环境,该环境通过保持积极的态度,支持您的朋友并知道在您需要帮助或遇到任何困难时可以提供哪些支持来鼓励您的身心健康。”
梅努斯学生’ Union won 的 overall National Education Campaign of 的 year award at 的 Student Achievement Awards with 的 Union of Students’ in Ireland (USI) with 的ir campaign entitled #MayTheForceBeWithMU from Christmas 2015 exam time. 的 awards ceremony took place in collaboration with 的 爱尔兰学生会 (USI)于2016年5月26日发布。

This significant achievement was made possible by 的 synergy and sense of co-operation that exists between 的 Students’ Union and 的 library at 梅努斯大学.
“I want to extend our genuine thanks on behalf of 可能 nooth SU for your co-operation with our work in 的 Library over 的 exam period at Christmas.We were judged by 的 head of 的 National Centre for Teaching & Learning, who praised 的 partnership with 的 library in particular, 的 focus on student welfare in our messaging, 的 supports being promoted, 的 ability to use Library spaces for both postering, tables for fruit/free items/info, as well as 的 use of 的 library bathrooms and doors for materials.”
Síona Cahill, Vice-President Welfare and Equality, 梅努斯学生’ Union 2015/2016
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索尔达·海因里希(Soldat Heinrich)。一名德国士兵’数字形式的过去

最近,我进行了一个小型数字化项目,该项目将德国第二次世界大战Wehrpass(军用护照)和相关的官方文档转换为数字形式。他们属于一个19岁的私人和他的妹妹Gertrud Wolters。所有材料均来自更大的收藏

This project focuses on Heinrich Jakob Wilhelm Wolters, who was killed in action in 的 Kamyanets-Podilsky region, Western Ukraine, in 1944. Heinz died at nineteen years of age and was 的 only son of Anton Wolters and Maria Kouker.

关于Soldat Heinrich几乎一无所知’s brief life. All 直系亲属和具有个人知识的亲戚已故。的 选定的原始资料代表了创建数字作品的尝试 snapshot of his life as a Gefreiter (private) in 的 Wehrmacht. 随附的描述性信息来自相关 documents or directly taken from 的 materials.

的 following equipment was used and as best as possible calibrated as part of all pre-scanning preparation activities. This also included 的 running of test scans to confirm appropriate image file structures.
  • 桌上型电脑:Dell PC OptiPlex 7020台式机/ Windows 7企业版
  • 监控器型号:Dell LCD显示器43厘米(17英寸),型号:E178WFPc /显示器内置的校准选项,用于图像和彩色显示调整
  • 扫描器 规格: 低端 爱普生Stylus SX125 (打印机/扫描仪盒)/ Epson Creativity Suite /扫描助手
    • 扫描仪类型:平板彩色
    • 光电装置:CIS
    • 有效像素:5,100×7,020像素(600 dpi)。如果分辨率设置较大,则扫描区域可能会受到限制。
    • 文件大小:216× 297 mm (8.5 ×11.7英寸)A4或美国字母大小
    • 扫描分辨率:600 dpi(主扫描)1200 dpi(副扫描)
    • 输出分辨率:50至4800、7200和9600 dpi(50至4800 dpi,以1 dpi为增量)
    • 图像数据:内部每种颜色每个像素16位外部外部每个颜色每个像素8位(最大)
    • 光源:LED
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5:用于后期数字化图像处理的照片编辑软件。
    • 亮度/对比度
    • 级别(直方图调整)
    • 曲线预设(色调校正)
    • 曝光,偏移,伽玛校正
    • Modification of raw digital files (TIFF) was kept to a minimum and explicitly used to more accurately represent 的 source materials physical state.
梅香 开源Web发布平台被选为该项目的合适在线展览空间。

该项目位于 soldatheinrich.omeka.net


What is my impression of how 的 Library works?

来宾留言者 布拉泽·考茨(Blazej Kaucz)博士 candidate at UCC 在一个叫做“社会法律研究”的广阔领域。

以下帖子是关于 UCC图书馆。这应该来  对于那些曾经有过 the 在您的人生道路上绊倒我的乐趣,也许不是。科克大学学院现为 the place where I study (for a PhD), teach some of 的 undergraduate students in sociology and criminology, and where I work part-time in 的 aforementioned Library. 的 reason I am mentioning this is that I can share with you three somewhat different perspectives on 的 importance of 的 UCC图书馆 to me from three slightly different viewpoints of professional life (my study, my teaching, and my work).

我的职业生涯逐渐发展, the studying came first, teaching followed later, and finally, 的 work at UCC图书馆. This sequence is essential as with 的se changes in my professional career transformed and influenced my understanding, perception, and appreciation of (and for) 的 project called 的 Library. 的 fact that I am discussing all of that right now, retrospectively, will obviously impact this description, but I will try to capture my thoughts on 的 subject from a 规格ific period of my career at UCC.

首先, 一世 我从一月开始学习(允许UCC的研究生从十月,四月和七月开始四次)。这样做的后果是,一般而言,大多数大学的服务提供商往往会忘记除9月/ 10月之外的任何其他时间开始的人。 录取。服务和过渡模块的大多数初始介绍仅容纳一部分人 在9月/ 10月的时间范围内。因此,如果其中一个恰好位于其余的组中,(另外三个 摄入期) most likely 暴露于小 关于的介绍量 9月/ 10月的研究人员。不幸的是,这通常也是 图书馆服务的情况。这个 我刚成为UCC的新手。而从9月/ 10月的其他时间开始 has 它的优势,确实意味着 寻求自己发现一切。考虑到以上几点,第一次进入图书馆并尝试在货架上导航时感到足够舒适是一种艰巨的体验(有关 进一步的帖子)。好消息是,如果有疑问,图书馆工作人员可以为您提供帮助,而我是根据自己的经验在这里谈论的(而不是对我目前的同事们隐藏的奉承),因为在这种情况下,我很少遇到图书馆工作人员帮助我的情况我最需要它-特别是在研究初期。但是,由于容易购买自己的书(知道在我的研究过程中,其中一些会被多次引用),所以我在研究的最初阶段并未尽我所能使用图书馆购买书籍。

其次在第一年我有机会辅导的时期’■社会学概论模块改变了我对图书馆以及图书馆工作人员所提供服务的认识。在其中一位导师处’会议(在第一学期开始时),我的一位同事建议,让图书馆工作人员为我们的一年级学生介绍UCC图书馆网站以及研究方法和技术可能是一个好主意。在第一次任务和第二次任务之间就满足了这一要求,图书馆的工作人员花了15分钟与14个辅导小组中的每个小组进行了快速介绍和解释了学术研究过程的重要性。结果不言而喻。与第一项任务相比,第二项任务的总体得分有所提高,而且图书馆工作人员提供的意见无疑会有所帮助,即使不会部分影响这一情况。令人惊讶的是,对于学生来说,这些会议的组织没有问题’方便,作为原始教程的时间表和地点的一部分。 最重要的是,由于需要为所提到的教程做好准备,我的研究和使用图书馆服务的范围也会发生变化。


On one occasion my two professional career path intersected. It was when I was asked to coordinate a donation of books from 的 Discipline of Criminology (a part of 的 Department of Sociology, UCC) to 的 Boole. 的 level of interdepartmental and interpersonal cooperation that this process requires allowed me to appreciate even further 的 work taking place in 的 background, which rarely is observed by 的 service users 的mselves.

UCC图书馆 is this one building in 的 heart of UCC with a crucial importance (in terms of services it offers) to 的 running of 的 entire UCC community. Being firstly 的 service user, and 的n secondly, a member of 的 services provider’s team, influenced my perception of 的 Boole Library and 的 services offered by it.

Here, due to 的 tyranny of space, I was able only able to present glimpses of my experience of UCC’s Library.