Fame relating to the quality of the wines produced by the « Domaine du Mas blanc » has become an established fact.

Four generations of the Parcé family have been elaborating their famous elixirs to which must be added the fairly modest production of their Banyuls vinegars.

The Mas Blanc vinegars mature in oak casks in the vinegar cellar before bottling .

As in cooking or wine making , the quality of the basic materials used guarantees the final result .

Dr André Parcé always said , “ you can’t compare Haute Couture and off the peg clothes” .

So taste our vinegars and taste the difference .

History :

The Parcé grandparents, both discriminating gourmets and talented cordon bleu cooks, keep and upkeep casks of vinegar, handed down by their parents in accordance with local custom.

The grandfather is in charge of his cask of plain Banyuls vinegar whereas the grandmother surpasses herself in the creation of her perfumed vinegar, now known as “le vinaigre de Mamella” whose recipe she jealously keeps secret .

Following this, Doctor André Parcé , a medical biologist recognised and appreciated as a gourmet , continues his parents’ work by making presents of his precious acetic nectars to his chef friends .

Now :

Jean Michel markets 10 years ago , alls Mas Blanc vinegars always using old Mas Blanc Banyuls which, by means of lactic rather than acetic souring guarantees a true Banyuls vinegar with the aroma of a sweet wine .

Marine's vinegar came into existence in 2006, after the discovery of a family parchement . An Alchemical recipe in which vinegar, the main protagonist, combines with time to obtain this "Essencia" .

To come :

The Domaine has produced small quantities of white Banyuls for some time. Each year, a small percentage of this “white nectar” is added to a few barrels where the.................. is under preparation

But you will soon know more about all this , be patient .

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