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来宾留言者 帕特里夏·莫洛尼(Patricia Moloney)利默里克大学DónalÓSúilleabháin图书馆图书管理员

上周在图书馆推特上进行了转录查询之后,这些ClóGaelach / Gaelic字体的简短注释可能会引起以前很少接触爱尔兰语言的编目者的​​兴趣。

Almost all texts published in the Irish language up to the mid-20th century, were printed using the Cló Gaelach, a family of Gaelic typefaces (also known as Irish type 和 Irish character). The Cló Gaelach is modelled on an angular form of calligraphy (the insular minuscule script) based on the Latin alphabet, which developed in the Irish medieval monastic 脚本。 (有关爱尔兰抄写传统的更多历史信息,请参阅蒂莫西·O的《爱尔兰手》’Neill). Traditionally the letters j, k, q, v, w, x, y 和 z were not used in the Irish language, but in later centuries they began to appear in loanwords e.g. júdó (Judo); x-gha (x-ray); zú (zoo).

最早出版的爱尔兰语书籍的主题是宗教。根据皇家命令,是爱尔兰人的首个起源(被称为伊丽莎白女王’s Irish type) was cast in London before 1571 和 was sent to Dublin where immediately an Irish printing press was set up in order to facilitate the production of religious texts. Regarding printing terminology, in traditional printing where metal moveable type is used, the term ‘fount’ (later ‘font’)是指以字体设计形式创建/铸造的物理金属字母。文体变体创建一个字体家族,在这种情况下为ClóGaelach或Gaelic字体/爱尔兰字体。

爱尔兰归正教会的新约圣经爱尔兰语译本发行,是使用伊丽莎白女王印制的’s Irish type, (a hybrid 源头 of Irish 和 Roman letters), dismayed the Irish Franciscans in Louvain. In response, the monastic college arranged for the design of what later came to be regarded as the first authentic Irish typeface, (Louvain Irish type), 和 this was used for the printing of the catechism of Friar Bonventura O’侯赛(Giolla BrighdeÓhEódhasa),1611年。  Later typeface designs which form part of the Gaelic typeface family include: Parker Irish type (1787); Petrie A (1835); B (1850); C (1856) 和 more recently, Colum Cille (1936) which was designed by Colm O’三蜡烛出版社的Lochlainn。 (有关爱尔兰字体历史的更多信息,请参阅Dermot McGuinne的爱尔兰字体设计)。

除26个拉丁字母外,ClóGaelach / Gaelic字体还必须包含所有带有síneadhfada(a“long sign”会延长元音的声音)。 要在元音上加上尖锐的重音/síneadhfada(而不是从耗时的符号菜单中插入特殊字符),对于Windows中的快速方法,请按住Alt Gr键,然后按元音产生á,é,í,ó或ú。  Again, in Windows, for capital letters, hold down the Alt Gr 和 the Shift key together, 和 then press the key for the vowel to produce Á, É, Í Ó or Ú.

On the Apple Mac, holding down the option key at the same time as the key for e 和 pressing the key for the vowel that needs the accent/fada will produce á, é, í, ó or ú.  For capitals, hold down the option key, the key for e, the Shift key 和 the vowel that needs the accent/fada added to produce Á, É, Í Ó or Ú. It should be emphasised that the inclusion of the síneadh fada is very important for meaning e.g. the word fear = man, but féar = grass.

The Gaelic typeface includes a set of consonants with a dot above (known as a ponc séimhithe "dot of lenition", séimhiú "lenition" or buailte "struck")。 Since the establishment of An Caighdeán Oifigiúil/the Official Standard of modern Irish in the mid-20th century, 和 the adoption of the roman typeface for printing in the Irish language, the letter h is inserted after the relevant consonant to indicate lenition instead of the overdot. Special codes exist which permit display of the overdot séimhiú but for the purposes of 编目, the letters Ḃḃ Ċċ Ḋḋ Ḟḟ Ġġ Ṁṁ Ṗṗ Ṡṡ Ṫṫ可能被转录为Bhbh Chch Dhdh Fhfh Ghgh Mhmh Phph Shsh Thth.

泰隆时代的象征⟨⁊⟩,在拉丁语中表示et等字;爱尔兰语(‘and’(英语),是简写系统(notae Tironianae或Tironian音符)的残余,据信是由Marcus Tullius Tiro(卒于公元前4年)开发的。  Tiro was the confidential secretary, literary adviser, 和 former slave of Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC), the Roman philosopher, lawyer, statesman who was renowned for his prose style. Tiro was freed by Cicero in 53 BC 和 following the philosopher’死后,蒂罗出版了一些《西塞罗》’s speeches 和 letters, in addition to writing a biography. Medieval monastic scribes used many abbreviations, including Tironian notes. 泰隆时代的象征⁊ survived in use in Latin 和 Irish language manuscripts to represent et 和 ocus/agus respectively 和 eventually became an essential element of the Gaelic typeface. 泰隆时代的象征⁊可能被转录为‘agus’出于编目目的。

Early logo of the Irish Department of 帖子 和 Telegraphs/ An Roinn Puist 阿古斯 Telegrafa,  图片:维基百科
图片作者 理查德·麦考尔Pixabay
Clóliosta,爱尔兰语印刷,1571年–1871: An attempt at narrative bibliography, by Richard Sharpe 和 Mícheál Hoyne (soon to be published by the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies), is 从开始到1871年的爱尔兰印刷品目录,旨在记录 “the title 和 imprint of every item entered, a concise material description, identification of the Irish type used where relevant, the printer 和 place of printing, 和 references to appropriate bibliographical repertories”(dias.ie/cloliosta)。

On 2019年3月5日,理查德·夏普(Richard Sharpe)教授(牛津大学外交学教授)在  the Library Association of Ireland Cataloguing 和 Metadata Group Annual General Meeting during which he presented an overview of the Clóliosta 目录 project 和 where he requested the assistance of 目录rs 和 librarians in order to alert the editors to the existence of little-known or obscure copies 和 editions.

理查德·夏普(Richard Sharpe)教授于2019年3月5日在爱尔兰国家图书馆举行的LAICMG年度股东大会上致辞。照片:Yvette Campbell
Copies of the draft Clóliosta were made available to curators in libraries with relevant Irish holdings 和 the latest draft is now available as a PDF for download 从 the 网站 of the DIAS 这里. The level of detail provided in the Clóliosta renders it an invaluable resource to 目录rs of Irish language publications who wish to add scholarly notes to records, including identification of typefaces 和 printing houses, 和 to those researchers interested in the book history 和 the history of print culture in the Irish language.

The sad news last week of the untimely death of Professor Richard Sharpe, renowned scholar, bibliographer, 和 supporter of libraries, came as a great shock to many in the library world. 

Ar dheisDégo rahh an anam uasal。

  • O'Neill, Timothy, The Irish hand : scribes 和 their manuscripts 从 the earliest times, Cork University Press in association with the Keough Naughton Notre Dame Centre, Dublin, 2014 (new edition). 
  • McGuinne,Dermot,爱尔兰字体设计: 爱尔兰字符印刷类型的历史,爱尔兰学术出版社,1992年
  • Hoyne, Mícheál; Sharpe, Richard, (eds.), Clóliosta , //www.dias.ie/celt/celt-publications-2/cloliosta/ [Accessed 31 游行, 2020].
帕特里夏·莫洛尼(Patricia Moloney) is a librarian in the Glucksman Library, University of Limerick, where she is 目录r of the Dónal Ó Súilleabháin Collection in the Special Collections 和 档案 Department. She is the current Secretary of the Library Association of Ireland Cataloguing 和 Metadata Group.


2016年CONUL ANLTC图书馆助理奖:夏季…Something Different!

* 2016年高度赞扬的参赛作品*

夏令时间…Something Different!

by Helen O’梅努斯大学康纳

在一个非常繁忙的大学图书馆工作会带来很多就业机会。每年夏天,都会邀请图书馆助理从事不同的项目–我们申请这些角色并参加面试,这本身就是一种新体验! 在2014年和2015年的夏季,我很高兴有机会在我们的数字电子馆藏(DEC)部门工作。 对我来说,这是一个很大的变化-因为我主要在图书馆信息服务(LIS)工作。我是一个由9人组成的团队的成员,他们在‘coalface’一个学年可处理多达45,000个查询…幸运的是,我与一些出色的同事一起回答了这么多问题! 我们回答各种问题,包括发行查询,帮助查找材料,协助分配材料以进行作业以及与公众合作时可能遇到的奇怪而奇妙的问题! (‘您能关上我们正在冻结的窗户吗?’......’您能否请正在1级对话的人保持安静?’.......’我真的欠所有这些罚款吗?’........)  

The experience in DEC was a great way to see 和 experience the work done in another department.    

可能nooth University ePrints 和 eTheses 封存

我2014年在DEC的初次经历涉及“Theses Digitisation” summer project. We drew up a list of nearly 300 of the most highly borrowed theses, I checked the list for the year 和 qualifications then I retrieved 货架上的这些论文。这些是 boxed 和 sent away to be digitised. Each thesis was copied 和 saved in PDF format which was sent back via 投寄箱。然后将每个论文上传到eTheses-全文 研究产生的论文的电子副本 大学的研究生。书目记录 were adjusted accordingly 和 all theses reshelved.

我真的很喜欢这个项目。 It was something I could work at on my own 和 I could see how every stage of the project was progressing.  I found it a very worthwhile project as it gives our patrons immediate access to a selection of our theses 和 it gave me experience of working on our ePrints存储库。当学生或教职员工对电子论文提出疑问时,它还为我提供了更多有关未来学年的知识。 

版权: http://deevy.nuim.ie/  

2015年,我有机会从事Teresa Deevy档案馆的工作。 

Teresa Deevy was born in 1894, 和 was a deaf Irish dramatist, short story writer 和 also a writer for radio. Many of her papers have been digitised including scripts, published versions of Deevy writings, theatre programmes 和 other memorabilia from theatrical productions, details of broadcast productions, correspondence 和 newspapers clippings. 

This project involved editing some of the collections, including copyright newspaper articles, performances 和 broadcasts.  我是使用我们基于库的存储库之一完成此操作的, 梅香,这是一个用于在线数字馆藏的免费开源内容管理系统。我以前从未使用过Omeka,所以对我来说这是一次绝佳的学习经历。

Image 和 content 版权:NUI 可能nooth 

我还编录了一些字母集,包括这些字母的抄录。 有趣的是,这让我对Teresa Deevy的人的类型有一个小的洞察力。 My work on the archive continued 和 I developed a spreadsheet with a list of actors 和 contributors 和 added links to 恶魔档案修道院剧院档案维基百科.  

我使用了链接 爱尔兰戏剧,它是1904年以来专业制作的有关爱尔兰新戏剧的综合数据库,同时一直在寻找修道院剧院的演员。 I really enjoyed this particularly as I would have gone to a lot of theatre in the Abbey 和 I recognised a lot of the actors 和 this in turn evoked some really wonderful memories. 

我也从事 爱尔兰报纸档案馆这个档案非常有趣,因为有时回头看看旧报纸真是太好了。我发现自己在阅读一些旧广告,使我想起过去的时光!

Working on both of these projects enabled me to learn a lot about our collections 和 how we set up the archives 和 目录 all the items.  Both summers involved very varied work 和 I always grab the opportunity to work with colleagues in other departments, but as always I love to return to working in LIS on desk services as a new term commences. 



来宾留言者 海伦娜·伯恩(Helena Byrne)

多年来,都柏林大学三一学院的图书馆,都柏林大学已经收集了许多韩文捐赠,但它们无法处理。 由于我的韩语水平是初学者,因此我需要对这个特别的收藏进行分类。最初,这似乎是一项不可能完成的任务,因为图书馆没有资源来处理这些文本,例如韩语键盘,而LMS软件却没有。’搜索外部书目数据库时,不能识别韩文字母。有些书具有ISBN或ISSN编号,这使得从OCLC(WorldCat)和RLUK(COPAC)采购MARC记录变得更加容易,但是在最初的搜索过程中,这些数据库中找不到大多数书。 但是,通过应用许多变通办法,我能够找到其中大多数的记录,并为其余部分创建基本记录。尽管这篇文章的重点是韩语文本,但我在此项目中采用的策略原则也可以应用于其他’不要使用罗马字母。

An interesting thing I learnt while working on this project is that Korea has its own 分类 system 和 when you look up different books on the Korean National Library 目录 they give you both the Korean 分类 number 和 the Dewey Decimal Classification number. The ALA also has set rules on transliterating the Korean alphabet, as some Korean letters could be spelt using more than one English letter. For example, the capital city is commonly spelt as Seoul but according to the ALA rules it should be spelt Sŏul.

  1. 朝鲜语 – In order to download Korean bibliographic records all you need to know is how to read the Korean alphabet 和 have a good working knowledge of Korean names 和 place names. The Korean alphabet has only 24 letters 和 as they are phonetic it’很容易学习如何阅读。这里有一个 与发音指南链接另一个更详细的视频写作 A good way to get familiar with Korean names 和 place names is to watch Korean films, 例如查看IMDb上的清单.
  2. 使用在线韩文键盘 –如果您搜索韩文键盘,则将获得许多点击。我和第一个一起去 branah.com 和 was very happy with it. When it’在屏幕上打开时,您可以使用键盘上的键进行键入,也可以使用鼠标单击屏幕键盘上的每个字母。
  3. 翻译标题 – You don’不需要这样做,但是有时候’很有帮助,因为它可以使您感觉到主题可能是什么。我经常使用Google翻译,但有时却没有’t feel accurate. 纳韦尔 is a Korean search engine 和 most people find its translations more accurate than Google’s.
  4. 查找音译标题 – OCLC’s 世界猫 界面可以识别韩文字母,因此,一旦输入了标题,便可以使用网站上的搜索功能进行搜索。 记录通常会翻译所有重要信息,因此很容易将它们复制到LMS中以搜索外部数据库或创建基本记录。
  5. 版权信息 – Copyright 和 publication information for Korean books is generally at the back. They sometimes include a short bio of the author with key dates 从 their career. It will always tell you when the book was first published 和 subsequent years it was reprinted or updated. Most of the 世界猫 records date 从 the original publication but the books at Trinity were usually reprints 从 a later date. For example “2 쇄” means that it’出版物的第二次印刷。
  6. 翻译书籍 – The most challenging books to match were those that were translated 从 another language into Korean. It was hard to tell which text they translated the book 从 so it was assumed that it was 从 the original edition. In total there were three translations 从 German, English 和 Russian. It was easy to find the record for these publications in the original language so this record was copied 和 edited with the relevant content 从 the Korean edition of the book.
  7. 作者与翻译 –大多数书籍似乎都遵循添加作者的相同格式(지음/ chiŭm)或译者(옮김/ omgim),以出版物所涉人员的名字为单位。如果作者是一个机构,他们不会’t include this.
  8. 音译韩文名字 –有几次,我不得不从头开始创建基本记录。像我以前一样’由于习惯于ALA的音译规则,即使韩文名称的罗马化也非常耗时。然而,普林斯顿大学韩国研究图书馆馆长李孝英开发了知识共享 韩文名称罗马字母 that follows the ALA rules. It is very simple to use 和 doesn’不需要任何安装。一旦下载了应用程序’s ready to go.
  9. 音译出版物信息 – Most books at Trinity were published 从 just a few publishers. So when I had to create a basic record 从 scratch I would look back at a previous record I had created or downloaded 和 copy the relevant information.
  10. 混合记录 – For most of the books I found records for on the LMS system there was usually just one or two results. Some of them even though they were classified as a high quality record had very basic information 和 needed a lot of editing. However, a large number of the records were a hybrid mix of AACR2 和 RDA which required a lot of editing to bring it up to RDA standard.



A few weeks ago I attended a handy morning workshop which talked about FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records). FRBR facilitates 更多holistic approach to accessing 和 与图书馆的OPAC进行交互时,从用户的角度检索书目记录。它代表了一个考虑了 三个相互关联的团体实体: Group 1 (products of intellectual 和 artistic endeavour), Group 2 (负责知识分子的人& artistic content) 和 Group 3 (subjects of works). FRBR thus acknowledges 和 expresses the multi-faceted relationships that exist between these entities 和 their relevant attributes (metadata).

看看什么 开放图书馆 throws up when searching for "Romeo 和 Juliet". 结果 举例说明了FRBR的应用。

The following list of references was given to us for follow-up 和 further study; you might be interested in this too.
  • FRBR:困惑的指南/ Maxwell,Robert L.-芝加哥:美国图书馆
  • Functional requirements for bibliographic records: final report / IFlA Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records; approved by the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Cataloguing. -As amended 和 corrected through 二月 2009. (Also at: http://www.ifla.org/files/assets/cataloguing/frbr/frbr_2008.pdf)
  • FRBR 和 RDA : advances in resource description for multiple format resources / Chris
    Oliver. -Library 和 档案 Canada, 2009. (Also at: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/iela/005002-2200-e.html)
  • 什么是FRBR? :书目宇宙的概念模型/ Barbara Tillett。国会图书馆,2004年。(也位于: http://www.loc.gov/cds/downloads/FRBR.PDF)
  • FRBR:您应该知道的事情,但害怕问(网络广播)/ Barbara Tillett。国会图书馆,2009年。在: http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=4554)
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  • 原则声明/国际编目原则会议通过。 -1961年10月,巴黎。(另外位于: http://www.nl.go.kr/icc/paper/20.pdf)
  • Functional Requirements for Authority Data / by IFLA Working Group on Functional Requirements 和 Numbering of Authority Records (FRANAR), -K.G. Saur, 2009. (lFLA Series on Bibliographic Control; v. 34)
  • Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data (FRSAD): Final Report / approved by the Standing Committee of the Classification 和 Indexing Section, 六月 2010. IHA, 2011. (IHA Series on Bibliographic Control; v. 43)
  • Practical 编目 : AACR, RDA 和 MARC 21 / Anne Welsh 和 Sue Batley.
 另请参阅上一篇文章 RDA.


The 赫迪·古迪 和 Social Media

取得的巨大成功之一 我们在赫迪古迪(Hurdy Gurdy)的短时间编目是对社交媒体的介绍,以提供有关馆藏构成的信息。团队 who operate the 赫迪·古迪, stalworths of hard work 和 knowledge, had already set up a 脸书 page 和 created a 网站. 除了我们的 梅香 catalogue 我们可以在更新目录时突出显示该集合。 但是,通过一天在博物馆里的对话,对我们来说很明显 总而言之,Twitter是相当于 马可尼德森林。所以我们成立了 a Twitter account for the 赫迪·古迪 和 began promoting the collection to as 尽可能扩大受众范围。因此开始了我们的少量努力,以遵循 footsteps of the 爱尔兰国家图书馆 who have increased their audience engagement via Twitter 和 Flickr, by putting a more ‘human’面对国家机构。 

我们最初的策略始于 following people 和 organisations that were somehow associated with radio, history, 和 museums. Very quickly we received retweets, favourites 和我们的稳定带‘followers’开始增加。我们在推特上发布了1929年收据图像的周末 菲安娜Fáil 国家收藏,我们收到了极大的兴趣。饰演Marie-Therese 已经在我们的Omeka网站上设置了Google Analytics(分析),很容易计算出何时 our audience had been viewing the collection 和 what was of particular interest.

十月份的Google Analytics(分析)
这种兴趣鼓舞了我们努力强调 收集尽可能多的观众。因此,我们将精力重新集中在 在博物馆内对爱尔兰短em进行分类’s collection.  与所有有关操作的内容一样 of the 目录 和 the 元数据 collection, this is a team effort, we both tweet 和 manage the Twitter interaction for the site, in between our day jobs. 这是社交媒体的真正好处。我们可以设法保持一切 由于通过我们的智能手机与受众群体进行交流非常容易, laptops, 和 tablets. 

Twitter被证明是无价的,因为 we’ve shared items 从 the collection with not only our Irish 追随者, but have engendered interest as far afield as Rio 和 the United States. Now on any 在给定的周末,我们可以吸引来自日本,卢森堡或 乌克兰。 Twitter,Facebook,网站更不用说Omeka 目录  enable us to spread our ‘Hurdy Gurdy’净进一步。现在我们有定期的对话 在旧金山有一个爱尔兰人的追随者, broadcasting a 广播节目 1950年以前’的录音。这些是我们无法做到的’t have 是通过小型独立博物馆可以使用的正常途径制作的。随着时间的推移, 我们希望增加Martello塔楼本身对我们收藏的兴趣 以及爱尔兰岛内的通讯历史。这个 希望通过我们的使用来实现 社交媒体,我们对 vast collection 和 by the interest 和 engagement of our audience.  

Sarah Connolly - Cataloguer 赫迪·古迪 Museum of Vintage Radio
Marie-Therese Carmody - Cataloguer 赫迪·古迪 Museum of Vintage Radio


Introducing the 赫迪·古迪 Museum of Vintage Radio...

Ye Olde 赫迪·古迪 Museum of Vintage Radio
On a hill in Howth resides the 赫迪·古迪 Museum of Vintage Radio in the historic setting of Martello tower no. 2. Since 2002 Pat Herbert, the curator, has housed all manner of artefacts, relating to 马可尼 和 the history of communication.

Various constraints meant that the museum's 目录 remained undeveloped, until this year. So when looking to jump into a 编目 project, choosing the 赫迪·古迪 was not a difficult decision. The criteria? A greenfield in terms of 编目, a rich collection 和 an agreeable management team. 在评估塔内的IT基础架构时,很明显,本地服务器解决方案是不可行的。为了宣传博物馆’s collection an online public 目录 would be preferable. Financially speaking open source was the only option, 和 so 梅香.net ticked all these boxes.

梅香.net was constructed for museums to archive their artefacts in the cloud. Functionalities such as exhibiting collections online 和 Google analytic plug-ins made the site attractive. Dublin Core 元数据 is the primary descriptive method on 梅香. Visually attractive, 梅香 would allow the team at the 赫迪·古迪 to exhibit online their various collections in an effective 和 informative manner.

考虑到博物馆中的各种物品,都柏林核心博物馆适合我们的收藏。博物馆内有许多特别的藏品,例如 收音机, 阀门, household products 和 历史文献 爱尔兰国家成立以来与电信历史有关的项目。

With the upcoming anniversaries relating to the foundation of the Irish state such as 1913 lockout, 1916 Easter Rising, 1919 War of Independence 和 the 1922 Civil War, we recognised that certain areas of the collection would generate 利益。


当我们开始对物品进行虚拟分类时,围绕此的活动使我们能够重新评估博物馆物理空间内的展品。以茶为燃料,车轮® 和 a love of all things vintage, we classified items within specific collections on 梅香. As the 目录 took shape online, we began to construct mirrored collections within the museum itself, areas such as a valve corner, an Irish history space 和 an Ever Ready® dry battery display. This has only enhanced what is already a splendid collection of 收音机, 阀门, artefacts 和 电池,这是Howth周边地区尚未开发的历史遗物宝库。

So far a thoroughly rewarding endeavour 和 will hopefully continue to be so.

Marie-Therese Carmody - Cataloguer 赫迪·古迪 Museum of Vintage Radio
Sarah Connolly - Cataloguer 赫迪·古迪 Museum of Vintage Radio



TCD的 书目管理部门 正在拥抱 RDA 代替 AACR2. 约翰·麦克马纳斯 请分享一些有用的培训资源,您可能会感兴趣。


As you know on 游行 31st 2013 the British library, the Library of Congress, 和 many other institutions will adopt RDA as their 编目 content standard. This will result in a massive increase in the number of RDA records in circulation 和 will present issues for all us, regardless of whether our own libraries switch to using RDA.


首先 我想提请您注意国会图书馆’免费提供的培训资源: http://www.loc.gov/catworkshop/RDA%20training%20materials/LC%20RDA%20Training/LC%20RDA%20course%20table.html

Secondly, Trinity College Library Dublin is committed to adopting RDA 和 we are currently at the beginning of a six week retraining programme based around the LC materials. We have restructured it slightly 和 I have published our schedule on a blog which I have created: http://learnrda.wordpress.com

If you are looking for company as you learn RDA please join us 和 post any comments/questions you might have. I will be publishing weekly updates with advice about the best way to navigate the training materials.

第三,编目&CILIP的索引组(CIG)将于2012年10月24日至25日举行一个实用的RDA编目电子论坛。这将涉及创建示例RDA记录,然后在论坛期间进行讨论。更多信息可以在这里找到: http://www.cilip.org.uk/get-涉及/特殊利益-组/目录索引/eforums / pages / practicalrda。aspx

我敦促您注册,因为他们还为所有参与者协商了RDA工具包的培训订阅。 ALA实际上是  very open to setting up training subscriptions 和 it is also something you can do on an individual basis.

最后,请记住3月31日不是截止日期–编目世界  will not suddenly en masse adopt RDA. We have always worked in a hybrid environment 和 will continue to do so for the forseeable future. However, as 目录rs we can still focus on updating our own skill set as we wait for institutional buy-in 和 support. In the meantime – happy 编目!