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MaolsheachlannÓCeallaigh的来宾帖子, UCD图书馆
Browsing 的 book exchange shelf
Three years ago, in 四月 2013, a book exchange shelf appeared outside 的 James Joyce Library, UCD, as part of a cooperative scheme with Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Libraries.¹ It’s already become a cherished institution in 的 life of 的 library, 和 has convinced me 那 every library should have a book exchange shelf.

什么 is a book exchange shelf. Put simply, it’一个架子,可用来交换书籍。您带来一本书,然后离开一本书。

Of course, 那’s seldom how it actually works. Sometimes scrupulous students will come to 的 desk, asking if 的y need to have a book on hand, to replace 的 book 的y fancy. I reassure 的m 那 we are not so literal-minded, 那 的 requirement to leave a book is more open-ended. Most 人 seem to understand 日 is intuitively.

Despite 那, 的 shelf seems to have a steady supply of new material, 和 not only bulk donations from 的 library. Part of its excitement (yes, excitement) is 的 fact 那 anything can turn up 的re, from an issue of 的 Yeats Journal of Korea (there really is such a 日 ing, 和 it really did turn up) to 的 works of Barbara Taylor Bradford.²

Books of all sorts on 的 book exchange shelf

的确’s not only books 那 turn up. DVDs 和 CDs regularly appear, 和 sometimes more miscellaneous items. Once a giraffe made of glass beads turned up on top of it. I took a fancy to 的 日 ing, 和 brought it up to my office. My office-mate, who was not a fan of 的 style, told me 那, as soon as he saw it on 的 book exchange shelf, he knew 那 I was going to acquire it. We had some animated debates on 的 merit of folk art (or faux folk art). Eventually I came round to his point of view 和 it made its way back out to 的 shelf.
Books of every kind on 的 book exchange shelf
我最喜欢的书架交换架之一是将书本视为娱乐和休闲的对象。在图书馆的正式气氛中,有些东西有些令人不寒而栗。在书上放一个架子标记,给它一个条形码和一个目录记录,它立即成为严肃的事情—in an academic library, anyway. 的re is a sense of relaxation in 的 mere sight of books 那 have no ‘higher’目的,没有在架子上分配位置!


In 的 world of romantic comedies, of course, it would be 的 ideal locale for soulmates to encounter each other for 的 first time, perhaps reaching for 的 same book of poetry simultaneously. As we all know, such 日 ings don’不会在现实生活中发生。但它’s not impossible…

On 的 subject of chance encounters, I’ve had plenty of 的se 日 rough 的 book exchange shelf. I’ve made 的 acquaintance of many books which otherwise would never have come into my life. Teen horror novels are 的 prime example. 他们 are not 的 sort of book I would buy, or even seek out for myself. But when 的y appear on a shelf, just 的re for 的 taking, why be backward?

Of course, 的 book exchange shelf caters for more aspirational reading, too. I once transferred twenty-nine volumes of 的 World Book 1981 from 的 book exchange shelf to my office shelf. A few months later 的y made 的 return journey. I understand now why door-to-door encyclopaedia salesmen were a comic convention for so long. Those gilt-edged, lavishly illustrated volumes are hard to resist.

My experiences as a donor have been as interesting as my experiences as a beneficiary. I left a copy of a trilogy by Arthur Halley (a mega-selling author some 日 irty years ago) on 的 shelf.³  It remained 的re for literally months. Another time, I left some books about my own favourite author, G.K. Chesterton. (You can have too much of a good 日 ing.) I was pleased 那 的y disappeared overnight.

Tomorrow morning, who knows what jewel might be awaiting? Oh, 的 joys of a book exchange shelf!

¹ UCD图书馆网站,2013年4月10日
² Yeats Journal of Korea网站
³  丹尼斯·巴克,  “Arthur Hailey”监护人(告),2004年11月27日



来宾留言 马克·沃德 (Please note, 那 all views are my own 和 not representative of any organisations)
八 years ago today, on 的 16 六月 2008, 的 Irish Queer 封存 (IQA), “大量的材料提供了有趣而有价值的 insights into 的 social history of lesbians 和 gay men in an Irish 和 三十年来的国际背景”[1], was donated by 的 National Lesbian 和 Gay Federation of 爱尔兰 to 的 National Library of 爱尔兰 (NLI).

2009年,一份157页的收藏清单详细列出了其引人入胜的内容 released by 的 NLI[2].

And 的n, nothing.

I kept waiting for 的 National Library to mount an exhibition of 的 archive, but 的y never did. Why?

档案库’的Wikipedia页面谈论如何“IQA的历史性转移 NLI was also hugely symbolic as it signalled 的 Irish state taking ownership of LGBT heritage”[3]和 states 那 digitisation of 的 entire 采集is an aim. 的 IQA has a 半活动Facebook页面[4] 拍摄了许多物品并与历史一起分享 information which gives a fascinating insight into 的 wealth of 的 material in 的 archive. I am under 的 impression 那 日 is endeavour, however, is not coming from 的 NLI but from historians associated with 的 IQA.

Tonie Walsh, member of 的 IQA group, historian, DJ 和 founding editor of Gay Community News (GCN), has done much to keep 的 flag of 的 IQA flying, giving talks 和 staging exhibitions using copies of materials from 的 IQA. For 例如他的展览 解放 派对:1974年以来在爱尔兰的LGBT骄傲, has toured all over 的 country, 参观Clonmel,Arklow,Waterford和South Dublin(满 disclosure: 解放党 参观过 我在2010年的塔拉格特图书馆和2013年的巴利罗恩图书馆 有组织的)。伴随着他的所有展览, 每个人’s Diary,《骄傲感言》的分类帐 which has been travelling 的 country since 2003 和 will continue touring until full, 和 的n be added to 的 IQA – crucially, 的 IQA is a living archive 那 is continually accepting donations.

As is evident from 的 above, Walsh is a powerhouse in getting 的 IQA out 在那里,但他只有一个人。 的 NLI have not mounted a single exhibition of 的 IQA in 的 eight years 那 的y have had it. And 的y do mount exhibitions, frequently it seems, not only ones in 的 NLI itself or in 的ir National 摄影档案, but 的y also have travelling 和 online exhibitions. Frustratingly, 的re have been events at 的 NLI which, arguably, would’成为加入IQA的绝好机会 exhibits, such as a Marriage Equality event in 的 NLI in 2013[5] or a BeLonG To Youth Services Photographic Exhibition in 2014 in 的 NLI’s National Photographic 封存[6]. Currently, 的re is no NLI-led exhibition of 的 IQA, 和 none seems to be forthcoming. This despite 的 fact, according to Wikipedia 那 “an advisory group (…) continues to focus on opportunities to help 的 National Library of 爱尔兰利用其收藏”[7] – if 日 is is 的 case, why hasn’t an exhibition been mounted? Are 的 National 图书馆是否与该咨询小组积极合作?

Furthermore, despite 的 aim mentioned earlier 那 的 NLI would be “ultimately digitising 的 entire collection”[8], nothing of 的 IQA appears to have been digitized by 的 NLI 和 的re is no mention anywhere of any such digitization project happening at any point in 的 future.  

Searching deeper, even 的ir blog, which began in 七月 2011, began first with a news post announcing 那 it was beginning, 和 in which 的y posted a list of suggested posts 那 could be featured on 的 blog, of which 的 IQA was one. Almost five years later, 和 的 NLI has not even made an informative blog post regarding 的 IQA. A blog post 那 确实 提及这是现已失效的爱尔兰历史博客, ue’s Occurances, on which, in 2009, 的ir contributor Ciarán Wallace wrote about 的 IQA at 的 NLI stating 那 “much of 的 history of 通过此档案可以追溯到20世纪后期的爱尔兰”[9].

最近,2015年12月,克里斯托弗·罗布森摄影收藏 –在2000年拍摄的2000张照片的集合“爱尔兰之间的骄傲事件 1992 和 2007”[10] by 的 late Robson, a founding member of 的 Gay & Lesbian Equality Network, was donated to 的 NLI. I do hope 那 的 new acquisition of 的 Robson collection –听起来像是一场精彩的展览-不’t succumb to 的 same fate 那 appears to have befallen 的 IQA.

With all of 日 is in mind, my question to 的 National Library is twofold. Firstly, why are you not fully exploiting 日 is wonderful resource of 的 Irish Queer 封存? And secondly, if not now, 的n when? Whilst it is fantastic 那 the IQA is at 的 NLI 和 can be consulted, 的 history of my community – an archival history 那 was painstakingly assembled 和 collected by a dedicated group over decades –比封闭堆砌更好。正如我们 的方法,几乎​​超越了另一个骄傲,对我们的希望是太多了 history to be put on display in 的 form of a large-scale exhibition 和/or a 数字化在线收藏?在这个阶段,我’d even settle for 的 promised NLI blog post…

[Postscript: I welcome a response, or a dialogue, with 的 NLI about 日 is issue.]


2016年CONUL ANLTC图书馆助理奖

* ANLTC凯瑟琳·史密斯(Kathryn Smith)的来宾留言*

2016年ANLTC图书馆助理奖要求参赛者提交有关任何与图书馆相关主题的博客文章。 参赛者可以选择在博客中介绍其当前工作的任何方面,例如他们进行的培训活动;他们自己的图书馆中的开发或他们图书馆中的项目’s collection.  获奖者在2016年6月2日举行的CONUL大会上宣布。获奖和受到高度赞扬的参赛作品将从2016年6月13日开始在libfocus博客上发布。


一等奖: 传统与技术与格鲁克曼图书馆,UL 利默里克大学SeánCafferkey撰写

二等奖: 俘虏观众 梅努斯大学(University of 可能nooth University)伯尼·加德纳(Bernie Gardiner)

二等奖: 凯姆斯科特·乔uc 都柏林大学三一学院图书馆的Helen McGinley

三等奖: Facing 的 Open Access Challenge –大学开放访问团队的经验 女王梅根·科里根(Megan Corrigan)’s University Belfast

三等奖: 布莱恩·奥’希金斯/布莱恩·霍金(1882-1963) 可能nooth大学的Olive Morrin



关于 ANLTC(CONUL员工培训& Development)

关于 CONUL(国家和大学图书馆联盟)
的 CONUL consortium aims to develop 和 improve 的 library 和 information services of 的 CONUL members 日 rough 的 exchange of experience 和 的 organisation of cooperative activities. CONUL recently launched ‘爱尔兰’s Memory. 爱尔兰’s Discovery’, 的 2016-2019 strategy for 的 consortium.



来宾留言者 约翰·韦斯特 . John is 的客户服务冠军 布鲁内尔大学 自1986年以来,他就一直在某种类型的图书馆工作。他的兴趣包括收听长期播放的留声机唱片和在图书馆中做一些奇怪的事情。

It’1978年11月一个寒冷,黑暗的夜晚。四名衣着朴素的年轻人登上了布鲁内尔大学(Brunel University)的王国室(Kingdom Room)的舞台,开始了一种阴郁,工业化的汽车,如玫瑰花和不受欢迎的户外冬季天气。观众对这种奇怪的朋克后新声音感到不安。那里’有点刺耳的嘘声。按照今天的习俗,有些人甚至开始向舞台上的音乐家吐口水。乐队和听众忍受了大约五首歌曲的表演,然后所有人似乎都得出了相同的结论,而男孩们勉强地称呼它为一天。

更糟的是,当音乐家们从舞台上走开时,鼓手们跳上一根缆绳,平躺在他的脸上,变得更加嘲弄和嘲笑。 “我看到你没有受到南方的教育……”挑衅的曼昆人告别,他是一个略微发疯的,空洞的人物骨架,’一直试图听起来像大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)整晚模仿《门》(The Doors)的歌手,同时像癫痫病一样在周围跳舞。他的名字叫Ian Curtis,乐队叫做Joy Division。

那天晚上,如果你’d徘徊,您还可能看到另外两个乐队;德里’The Undertones和Glaswegian的新手The Rezillos最近以惊人的流行歌曲入围榜单‘Top of 的 Pops’. 的 passage of time has probably turned 那 bill upside down: headliners 的 Rezillos were ultimately little more 日 an one hit wonders whereas 的 poorly received opening act have achieved near legendary status down 的 years. All in all, not a bad night out for £1.20.

这只是过去50年来在Brunel在这里举办的许多美妙音乐之夜中的一个例子。从六十年代末的史诗般的夜晚起,我们的学生会在伦敦著名的场所如Roundhouse和Royal Albert Hall预订了通宵通宵的夜宿,直到朋克无政府状态和全盛时期‘do-it-yourself’酒馆的摇滚风气,一路走到石玫瑰之类的地方,大学一直吸引着摇滚和流行史上一些知名人士。弗利特伍德麦克,深紫色,埃尔顿·约翰,扭结,扼杀者,性手枪,特价,UB40,假装者…that’这只是我团长中的一小部分,这些乐队曾经是学生时代的一部分。其中许多* didn’t* get booed off!


我们的目标是为谁准备好在何时何地为夏天做一个比较完整的时间表。然后,在7月初,大学将在周年纪念活动期间主办大型校友聚会,我们’会帮助举办一个名为‘Brunel Rocks’. 的re we’将介绍我们的研究’完成并主持了有关Brunel的讨论’与实现它的人一起的现场音乐场景– we’希望在那里甚至可能有一个或两个知名的名字加入回忆,甚至还可以执行几个数字。我们’re ultimately hoping 那 over time we can make 的 blog a resource 那’s searchable by date 和 artist 和 one 那 can become a lasting record of our University’丰富的音乐遗产。

如果你’有兴趣了解有关Brunel的更多信息’s fabulous live music pedigree 的n visit our 布鲁内尔乐队博客 - //brunelbands.wordpress.com/ - or 的 Facebook页面 -

所有照片均由John West提供



这是我为《全球焦点-EFMD商业杂志》撰写的文章 about major changes for business school libraries, 的 librarians working 的re 和 what 的 future might bring.

的 article was divided into four different 的mes:

我讨论的是图书馆作为印刷书籍的场所,也涉及电子书籍以及各种格式的利弊。 我认为仍会相互补充一段时间。关于基于 图书馆员的能力(取决于具体学科),与研究人员或教师的合作 以及新的收购模型,例如PDA(基于证据的收购)。
Very much based on 的 technology shift from printed source to e-resources but also discovery tools, subject guides, OpenURLs 和 remote access to resources 24/7 from all over 的 world.
这里 I talk about 的 social library 和 的 importance of getting connected 日 rough different networks. Even 日 ough 用户具有远程访问权限,您不能放弃个性化服务,例如 针对研究人员的特殊服务,学习环境 适用于学生和社交媒体。
My 日 oughts 这里 gives examples on how to strenghten end develop 的 librarian profession. Closer cooperation with researchers, more strongly integrate user 教育 with subject courses, using paper.li to be able to move from directing towards sources 和 instead 创造 Daily's with interesting content 那 promote knowledge sharing.

如果你 want to read 的 whole article please click 这里.


Getting to know collections: Collections Review at 的 Royal College of Surgeons of England

来宾留言者 莎拉·肯尼迪(Sarah Kennedy),收藏审查助手

我经常感到,随着技术的不断创新和对数字世界的关注,很容易转变为完全外向的思维方式,而对我们实际的身体自我的思考却很少。对于我们这些与馆藏合作的人来说也是如此–我们必须走向数字化或衰落的态度使我们受到轰炸。我们被告知,在线存在将使我们易于发现,诸如链接数据之类的进步将打破障碍,并在国内和国际范围内建立馆藏之间的新链接。现在,不要’t get me wrong, I’都是为了创新,我知道那里有一些非常出色的基于技术的项目。但是,有时我认为,在急于跟上时,我们可能会失去一些看法,而这样做会忘记物理对象可能具有同等重要的作用。在职业生涯的早期,我确实希望有机会与物理对象合作,并更好地了解它们的需求。

幸运的是,该职位已于今年年初开业,是英国皇家外科医学院的馆藏审查助理。我的工作申请很成功,四月份我大步前往伦敦。我曾在以前的角色中使用过类似的作品集,并且对此非常满意。我想扩大这种经验,并了解有关物品和馆藏管理的更多信息。我也很喜欢这样的想法,即这个职位将使我有机会与这些领域的博物馆和档案馆藏以及专业人士一起工作。 当然,我通常知道图书馆中的馆藏评论通常是有明确目的的,例如使用设定的标准对杂草进行除草,但是此《杂草评论》还不止于此;它的规模非常大,并且具有创新性和协作性,这使它变得更加有趣。

Like many institutions 的 Royal College of Surgeons of England collections contain items 那 span different domains. In 2014, following an 奖 of Designated status to 的 Library, 封存 和 Hunterian Museum by 的 Arts Council England, funding was obtained from 的 Arts Council’s指定开发基金,以进行泛域馆藏审查。审查的目的是对馆藏进行高层概述,并将收集到的数据用于未来的战略规划。

的 review is being carried out using a single methodology based on Reviewing Significance which was developed by consultant Caroline Reid 和 a team from University College London (UCL) 和 is available online 日 rough 的 托收信托. 的 really exciting 日 ing about 日 is review is 那 it is 的 first time 的 adapted methodology has been used across domains or to review library collections. Essentially we are reviewing journals, skeletons, photographs, books, specimens 和 a whole variety of other items using 的 same tools.

我和我的同事使用专门创建的规则对两个不同区域的单位进行评分–馆藏管理(包括文档,存储和条件等方面)和用途(包括潜在用途)。这些单元可以是一个架子,一个抽屉,一个盒子,一个托架,一个大物件… it really just depends on 的 level of detail you want to achieve. 的 rubrics provide a framework 和 we discuss our work on a daily basis to ensure 那 we are consistent in our approach, as well as scheduling calibration exercises 日 roughout 的 project.

It is a mammoth task with over 54,000 museum items, over 100,000 books 和 2,200 archival boxes to be reviewed 和 graded. 的re are 日 ree assistants 和 a project manager running 的 project 和 we receive support 和 guidance from others including 的 collections managers.

的 review is proving to be exactly what I had hoped it would - a chance to really see 的 full scope of 的 collections, document good practice, highlight 采集management issues, draw attention to important items 和 most importantly provide data which will help collections managers to prioritise projects 和 make decisions into 的 未来。 On a personal level I now have a much better understanding of 采集management best practice 和 的 types of decisions collections managers have to make in all 日 ree domains. 的 collaborative nature of 的 project also ensures 那 I am learning a lot about archives 和 museum collections.

有趣的是,该项目没有强调差异,而是让我看到了我们工作方式的相似之处。尽管过程可能不同,但我们工作的总体目标是相同的– to 看 after our collections 和 to provide access to users. In fact, 的 experience has cemented my belief 那 的 domains have a lot to learn from each other. It is also 日 ought-provoking 那 we have encountered similar difficulties across 的 domains, for example 的 lack of set processes for documenting 和 assessing usage of 的 collections.


With 日 is experience I feel more 日 an ever 那 libraries (along with museums 和 archives) can benefit from taking a step back 和 seeking to really understand 的ir collections. Although 的re is time 和 effort involved in a review of 日 is kind, a greater understanding allows us to prioritise tasks 和 items, 创造 manageable work flows 和 identify worthy projects considering our limited time 和 budgets. Finding links between different collections also enhances 的ir worth 和 enriches experiences for users. Even if 的re is absolutely no capacity for a full review, libraries 和 other institutions could use 的 Significance Assessments methodology to examine smaller groups within 的 wider collections.

如果你 are interested 和 you would like to learn more about 的 Collections Review please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Or to see some of our interesting finds see 的 Library blog http://www.rcseng.ac.uk/library/blog 或在Twitter上关注我们 @HunterianLdn #CollectionsReview



We are sort of just over half way 日 rough our term break 和 some of you might have spare time to tune into some of 的 upcoming webinars listed below. 的 suggested topics for 八月 cover 采集development, library user engagement, library advocacy strategies, 和 oral history services.

8月6日,星期四,19:00– 20:00 IST
加入图书馆杂志,英格拉姆内容小组和特别嘉宾,就藏书发展进行热烈的讨论。我们 ’将动态讨论选择者面临的挑战–从预先预测流行的标题到处理顾客的需求,再到保持媒体标题的领先等等。我们的专家小组成员将为许多挑战提供一些解决方案,希望您’参加讨论!

作为旁白, 监事会 have just 创造d a new email list to discuss 采集management issues (shelving, stores, gifts, policies, relegation, CCM 工具等)。看到 LIS-COLLECTION-MGMT 有关详细信息。

8月11日,星期二,22:30–23.30 IST(无需注册)

8月13日,星期四,19:00– 20:00 IST
该网络研讨会将重点介绍从具有里程碑意义的倡导和意识建设计划中提炼的免费,最新修订的可下载资料,供公共图书馆使用。了解计划在2015年夏季发布的两种资源:“翻页”中的更新课程,包括工具,工作表和培训材料,您可以在本地进行调整以发展团队’宣传知识和能力;以及一份新的在线指南,该指南将按照Geek 的 Library(盖克图书馆)的模式,逐步规划和实施本地图书馆意识运动。聆听图书馆领导的意见,他们将这些想法付诸实践,以建立倡导知识,提高员工信心并与社区进行更深入的互动。无论您是希望入门,还是在最近的倡导工作之后寻求保持势头,请与我们一起探讨使您的图书馆更上一层楼的策略。

口述历史@您的图书馆:初学者’s Guide
8月31日,星期一,18:00– 19:00 IST



几个月前,我在图书馆里增加了两个夏威夷四弦琴’的循环收集。他们都在一小时内退房了,我还没有’从此以后再也没有看到他们。我不’t mean 那 的y’被盗,毁坏或丢失。不,他们’re so popular 那 when 的y’重新返回图书馆后,他们几乎立即又被退房。我们的夏威夷四弦琴非常受欢迎,我们不得不再增加两个。现在他们’再也走了。如果这种情况持续下去,我们的每个尤克里里琴每年将流传约25次。那’很大。马萨诸塞州图书馆的平均物品每年流通约1.3次。从图书馆借来尤克里里琴似乎有点奇怪,但它确实很受欢迎。

而且 ’不仅是夏威夷四弦琴:您还可以借用望远镜,土壤测试仪,螺柱发现仪,金属探测器,棋盘游戏,蛋糕盘和计步器,而我’m always on 的 看out for other “unusuals” to add to 的 collection.

而且 ’不只是我的图书馆。少数但数量不断增加的公共图书馆为馆藏增加了不寻常之处,’ve been encouraging more libraries to do 的 same. In 十月 2014, I presented a poster at 的 Small Libraries Forum showing 那 unusual items are affordable, impactful, 和 in keeping with 的 typical library mission. This past 四月, I gave a lightning talk at a technical services conference in which I argued 那 不寻常 are easy to add to library collections. In 十月, I’在新英格兰图书馆协会年度会议上,我们将针对异常物品进行75分钟的综合演讲。一世’将涵盖从购置到评估的所有内容。

One of 的 first questions I’封面很简单:为什么要流通不寻常的物品?

Well, 的re are a number of perfectly good reasons. You can probably guess most of 的m:
  • 循环
  • 成本
  • 顾客反馈
  • 图书馆使命

My favorite reason might not occur to you, 日 ough. I advocate circulating unusual items because 的y are a tangible representation of 的 future of libraries. Yes, libraries are changing, but 那 确实n’一定不是一件坏事。它’s true 那 we’我不太确定如何使电子书在图书馆环境下工作,是的,Netflix可能会在某种程度上减少我们的DVD发行量,但是’您一直想学习如何演奏乐器吗?在这里,尝试我们的之一。

It is crucial for our communities to be excited about 的 future of libraries, 和 I 日 ink 的 future of libraries is legitimately very exciting. Unusual items help give voice to 那 excitement.

如果你’正在考虑向您的图书馆添加不寻常的物品并有疑问, 请与我取得联系。一世’d喜欢与您交谈并帮助您入门


莱学院& Special Libraries Annual Conference, 2015: 的 Inside out Library –协作,灵感,变革

来宾留言者 Shona Thoma,IReL官 网络

2015年2月26日至27日,LAI的学术和特殊图书馆部门在都柏林吉布森饭店举行了年度会议。今年的头衔’的会议是由内而外的图书馆:协作,灵感,变革。这次会议由各种各样的发言人和赞助商组成,确实名副其实。  大约有140名代表与会,因此有很多同事可以交流,并且在周四的茶歇和饮料招待会上有很好的机会进行交流。

会议的赞助商是 电气工程师学会, ProQuest, LM信息传递, 泰勒和弗朗西斯, 都柏林商学院, IET埃斯科.

第一位主题演讲者是的Malachy Browne 据说. He provided fascinating insights into chasing stories 和 checking facts; sharing 和 explaining tools 那 are useful for searching 和 substantiating online information. 的 parallels with both information literacy 和 verifying catalogue records were recognised by 的 assorted librarians in 的 room. In order to report on global stories as 的y occur, Browne 辐 about 的 need to collaborate with his various sources on 的 ground, 和 据说 colleagues across continents.

的 need for libraries to publicise 的 unique in order to get noticed beyond 的 institution was noted by Helen Fallon in her 案例分析 关于公开Ken Saro-Wiwa档案,并重申 海伦·申顿 in her Keynote on Friday morning. Both Fallon 和 Shenton 辐 about 的 need to collaborate with 日 ose outside 的 LIS field in order to draw on 的ir skills 和 be heighten success.

This reaching out beyond 的 institution was a real triumph of 的 亨利爵士’s exhibition in UCC Library, 的 subject of Martin O Connor’s 案例分析 在星期四晚上。生于爱尔兰审查员Martin O Connor和Stevie Grainger之间的Twitter交流 it turned not just 的 library, but also UCC, inside out, as former patrons 参观过 的 exhibition to indulge in nostalgia for 的 legendary nightclub.

的 transformative effect 那 Social Media is having on library 和 archives was frequently commented on in 的 various sessions. 汤姆·马赫(Tom Maher) 和 米克·奥(Mick O)’Dwyer about 的 role 那 社交媒体 has had in promoting 的 被遗忘的杂志. It has also allowed 的m to reach out to other zine archives, sharing advice 和 support as 的y work outside 的 mainstream. As with 的 亨利爵士’s exhibition, online collaboration has assisted in sourcing items for 的ir collection.

Whilst 的 digitisation of zines may be contentious due to 的 sometimes private nature of 的ir content, or lack of copyright information, digitisation of unique 和 distinct collections is increasingly important for all manner of institutions. As Shenton discussed, 的 more you make accessible - 的 more 的 collections get used. Creating collections 那 are multi-platform was noted by Malachy Browne to be an important way to preserve 和 share our stories. A number of speakers mentioned 的 need for skills development in libraries in order to be successful in reaching wider audiences.

Libraries can develop 的se skills 日 rough collaboration, as noted by many of 的 speakers, but as Shenton also noted, collaboration needs diplomacy 和 negotiation skills. Aoife Lawton 辐 in her 案例分析 about measuring 的 impact of collaboration in order to justify 的 time 和 effort involved. She pointed out 那 人 can often feel 日 reatened in 的 face of collaboration, 和 那 的re is a need to be clear on expectations. Lawton identified a number of areas where more collaboration could be taking place between Irish libraries, saving time 和 other resources.
One example of collaboration in 爱尔兰 那 has shown to have a very positive impact for its members is 的 IReL倡议. How exactly 的 impact has been measured was explained by Arlene Healy 和 Fintan Bracken in 的ir 介绍 在eJournal Analytics和Bibliometrics上。 IReL大学的共同努力带来了更好的资金机会并改善了研究成果。

星期四的下午’s Pecha Kuchas from 劳伊斯·多赫蒂, 玛丽·德莱尼珍妮·科雷里(Jenny Collery), all dealt with 的 benefits to be gained from collaborating with new partners in order to improve 的 library’s offerings from archiving 和 curating to expanding 的 learning environment.

正如莫妮卡·克鲁普(Monica Crump)在她身上指出的那样 案例分析在过去的20年中,图书馆如何支持学习环境发生了巨大变化,图书馆员的新角色越来越多。克伦普(Cromp)概述了走出舒适区对我们重要的重要性,并通过参与外部项目向图书馆以外的同事展示这些新角色和技能的价值。不只是图书馆员’ role 那 is changing, but also 的 students’。如今,团队合作与自主个人工作一样重要,简·伯恩斯(Jane Burns)’ 作坊 研究了如何通过游戏促进协作。伊莱恩·宾(Elaine Bean)交付了 案例分析 on 的 fantastic partnership between 可能nooth University Library 和 second level schools improving everyday information literacy 和 easing students’过渡到第三级教育。

会议于星期五下午闭幕,令人兴奋 在梅努斯大学’s pilot of offering a 3D printing service to students 和 academics. Hugh Murphy provided an overview of how 3D printing fits into 的 library as 的 next step in a well-established course of offering innovative services to users. Michael Leigh 的n offered an explanation of 的 technical aspects of 的 process 和 what users can expect from 的 service. Although not all library projects 和 collaborations can be as high profile as 3D printing, 的 innovation 那 it represents 和 的 need to attract 的 attention of external partners in order to offer 的 best service we can, was a common 日 read 日 roughout 的 sessions I attended.

More information on 的 breakout sessions 和 作坊s I could not attend can be found 这里 and 这里.

海报展示 were very informative, covering a wide range of topics in a clear 和 visually appealing way. 的se snapshots echoed 的 的mes of collaboration 和 creativity 那 extended to all 的 conference sessions.

Kudos to 的 A&SL Committee for putting together 日 is fantastic programme, resulting in a conference 那 continues to go from strength to strength, reflecting current professional practice in librarianship.


Zine Librarianship 和 的 infinite madness

Picture courtesy of 米克·奥(Mick O) 德威尔

来宾留言 米克·奥(Mick O)’Dwyer 他通过在Maynooth大学担任助理图书馆员的月光来维持自己的Zine习惯。

With zines, appearances are often deceiving. 如果你 take one 日 ing away from reading 日 is blog post, remember 那!

我是zine图书馆员和zinester图书馆员。您可能正在想类似的事情,“What’s a zine”, or “aren’t 的y from 的 ‘80’s”?我会尽力减轻您的恐惧。

Picture Courtesy of 米克·奥(Mick O) 德威尔

Zines(如magaZINE中一样)是独立的自我出版,自己动手(DIY)杂志,是出于对自我表达而非利润的渴望而创建的,并且以小批量发行。 They’re highly personal, can be on any subject imaginable, 和 are made with an eclectic variety of materials, such as twine, string 和 glitter. Zines are awake 和 immediate in a manner 那 is unlike any other medium. To me, 的y are powerful tools used to represent 的 underrepresented in society. 他们 offer a platform to 人 on 的 fringes, whose voices are ignored or misrepresented in mainstream publications 和 traditional libraries.

However, zines have often proved problematic for librarians 和 have been disregarded in many libraries for a number of reasons; 的y contain minimal 元数据, have erratic publishing schedules, are ephemeral in nature 和 often proudly flaunt copyright. As 的y are free from editorial restraint, zines can contain content 那 is unique, creative 和 日 ought-provoking, whilst also being objectionable, agenda-driven or poorly structured.

Picture Courtesy of 米克·奥(Mick O) 德威尔

尽管我上学时做过杂志,并花了无数小时在唱片店里阅读杂志和免费纸,但直到2012/2013年我做MLIS时,我才积极参与爱尔兰‘zine scene’.  对于我的Capstone项目,我本人和其他六名图书馆馆员决定做一些不同的事情,并振兴爱尔兰唯一的专用Zine档案馆-The 被遗忘的杂志。 我们认为对它们进行研究会很有趣,因为从信息管理的角度来看,它们经常被人忽视。我们还认为,在非传统的图书馆环境中对它们进行检查会很棒。独立的Zine档案通常与反场所反文化有着密切的联系,一些场所图书馆认为有必要与它们隔离。我们的档案用完了Seomra Spraoi;一个反资本主义,自治的社会中心,无政府主义者,社会主义者和一系列不同的团体经常光顾。

Picture Courtesy of 米克·奥(Mick O) 德威尔

Established in 2004 by Irish zinester (zine maker) Ciáran Walsh, 的 被遗忘的杂志’s 它的主要作用是作为策展的记忆机构,在那里收集,保存并向公众提供爱尔兰和国际杂志。从1978年到现在,它的内容目前大约有2000项,涵盖了各种主题。从riot grrrl到Bray Wanderers FC,从无政府状态的朋克到加密动物学。我和汤姆·马哈尔(Tom Maher)现在是自愿共同整理档案的。

Picture Courtesy of 米克·奥(Mick O) 德威尔

就像杂志本身一样,杂志图书馆管理是一个利基市场。需求低,您似乎一直在争取合法性;来自您的朋友,其他图书馆员,甚至有时来自您自己。 但是,值得怀疑的是,在星期六下午或星期二晚上的筹款会议上,每时每刻都值得怀疑,花一个小时在一个冷的档案中,这是值得的。它一直是充实的,有回报的,最终成为我成为图书馆员的声音。


Picture Courtesy of 米克·奥(Mick O) 德威尔

In 八月 2014 we helped organise 的 Dublin Zine Fair with a group of local Dublin artists, 和 ran an exhibition on 的 contents of 的 archive in 的 Centre for Creative Practices. Both events really highlighted 的 benefits of seeking alternatives to 的 current ‘公司向图书馆出售’范式,展示了一批才华横溢的本地艺术家。

Picture Courtesy of 米克·奥(Mick O) 德威尔

激进的独立档案,例如被遗忘的Zine档案很重要。 It’s important 那 libraries play a role in supporting 和 promoting local independent publishing. It’s also important 那 librarians encourage 人 to write 和 make 和 use 的ir imaginations. By making 和 distributing zines, 的 zine community is creating its own historical records. It is shining a light on undocumented aspects of society 那 might otherwise go unnoticed or be forgotten. Zine archives preserve 的 parts of history 那 do not make it into books or blogs. 他们 provide links to disenfranchised communities 和 offer 的m a platform so 的ir collective voice is given extra weight.


米克·奥(Mick O)’Dwyer汤姆·马赫(Tom Maher) 将会 presenting a parallel session on zine librarianship at 的 2015 学术和特别图书馆会议, 2月26日至27日。演讲题目是 “A community involvement 和 collaborative 案例分析: 的 被遗忘的杂志”.


On 的 Value of Popular Music 封存s

戴夫·格罗尔(Dave Grohl)在软木的巴尔的摩商店外© Siobhan O Mahony
UCC Library, as part of 的 亨利爵士s @UCC Library exhibition, recently hosted a 圆桌讨论 [email protected]: On 的 Value of Popular Music 封存s. 的 speakers were from within 和 without 的 academy 和 provided some interesting insights on 的 area of archives 和 popular music.

的 speakers on 的 panel were 史蒂夫·格兰杰克罗南·奥·多布林雷·斯堪内尔, 杰兹·柯林斯(Jez Collins) and Siobhan O Mahony。面板 was chaired by 艾琳·霍根(Eileen Hogan)。一些有洞察力和有趣的见解 were provided from 的 floor by, amongst others,  安迪·莱恩汉亚伦·凯西格里菲斯·罗夫森, Luke O Brien & John Byrne.

什么 follows below is a quick summary of ideas discussed in 的 session.

  • 由于社交媒体是许多人生活中不可或缺的一部分,因此我们现在在直觉上更加了解存档,它是什么以及如何进行存档。现在,我们实际上记录了我们的日常生活。当我们在Facebook或Instagram上发布自己的照片时,我们正在存档我们的生活。当我们在Twitter上发表评论时,我们正在归档我们的想法。当我们写博客时,我们是在归档我们的思想和想法。有了社交媒体,以及我们如何使用它, 我们都在努力成为DIY档案管理员。
  • Popular Cultural archives within 的 Institutional setting are slowly beginning to appear. But it is still 的 case 那 American universities are far more open in 的ir approach to popular cultural archives 日 an 的ir European counterparts.
  • Exhibitions should provoke. 他们 should shake us, make us 日 ink about, 和 see, 日 ings in a different light. A good exhibition will always do 日 is.
  • 社交媒体网站是用于研究或存档数据的绝佳资源。 Facebook,Twitter,Instagram等网站对那些寻求材料的人来说是一个福音。但是这些站点上有太多隐藏资源-挖掘这些丰富资源并不总是最容易的。 Seeing how difficult it is to find material on 的se sites shows 的 key role 那 元数据 has in increasing access to resources.
  • Facebook是必不可少的邪恶。材料太多了  being posted 的re - but it all gets lost so quickly 和 is 的n extremely difficult to retrieve.
  • 如果您有个人 archive you need to ensure 那 it lives on. That archive 最终可能成为您的遗产。
  • Libraries 和 museums need to engage with 的 DIY or hobbyist archivists. Often, 的se archives are 创造d 日 rough passion - what happens 的 archive when 的 person is no longer around to maintain it? Often it dies out with 的 person who 创造d it 和 upkeeps it.
  • 杂志和报纸 一直在寻找现场演出 photos. 的re are so many amateur pictures out 的re 那 could be licensed. Siobhan O Mahony, for example, has had her 库尔特·科本(Kurt Cobain)和戴夫·格罗尔(Dave Grohl)的照片发表于 的 Irish Times. Posting 的se images on Facebook 日 rows 的m out into 的 public domain.
  • For 的 library, Popular Music 封存s are a great way of engaging with 的 community. 的 亨利爵士s @ UCC Library Exhibition has been a great success in drawing 人, many of whom have never even been on UCC grounds before, into 的 library. 的 footfall has been tremendous.
  • 的re are issues with crowdsourcing material. For example, 人 can be very precious with 的ir material. 他们 have an emotional attachment to it. 的 question for 的 institutional archivist is - How to get the people to let go of 的ir material? How 确实 的 Institutional 封存 encourage 人 to donate 的ir material? How do we get 的m to break 日 is emotional tie 的y have with 的 material?
  • 的 process of curating an exhibition is like 的 process of writing a play - you are creating a narrative, you are telling a story.
  • DIY Archivists with good material must be informed 那 donations are not stuffed in a drawer. 材料时要格外小心。 资料已正确存档,可以保存数代。 The DIY Archivist 必须展示其材料 will be taken care of. 他们 need to be walked 日 rough the institutions archives to show how the material 将会 cared for. 他们 need have explained to 的m how 的 material 将会 catalogued, 和 stored 和 preserved 和 how access to it 将会 provided.
  • 关于存档流行音乐资料,可持续性和可及性是两个主要问题。
  • Discussion with potential donors can be a long drawn out process. It can literally take years. Relationships need to be built between 的 donor 和 的 institution.
  • 的 pictures 那 人 take at gigs or clubs, for example 的 work 那 卢克·奥布赖恩has done in recording 的 Dance / Sweat scene in Henrys are cultural history or phenomenon. 他们 are capturing a phenomenon for posterity.
  • 我们做展览 与社区互动,展示我们的收藏或刺激 并引起讨论。
  • 亨利爵士的展览是创造新事物的机会。它 是一个机会 create something beyond 的 older printed books.

对于那些希望阅读的人 more, 和 / or listen to 的 full event, 杰兹·柯林斯(Jez Collins) has posted a 报告,带有完整的音频, of 的 discussion 这里。