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来宾留言者 帕特里夏·莫洛尼(Patricia Moloney)利默里克大学DónalÓSúilleabháin图书馆图书管理员

上周在图书馆推特上进行了转录查询之后,这些ClóGaelach / Gaelic字体的简短注释可能会引起以前很少接触爱尔兰语言的编目者的​​兴趣。

Almost all texts published in the Irish language up to the mid-20th century, were printed using the Cló Gaelach, a family of Gaelic typefaces (also known as Irish type 和 Irish character). The Cló Gaelach is modelled 上 an angular form of calligraphy (the insular minuscule script) based 上 the Latin alphabet, which developed in the Irish medieval monastic 脚本。 (有关爱尔兰抄写传统的更多历史信息,请参阅蒂莫西·O的《爱尔兰手》’Neill). Traditionally the letters j, k, q, v, w, x, y 和 z were not used in the Irish language, but in later centuries they began to appear in loanwords e.g. júdó (Judo); x-gha (x-ray); zú (zoo).

最早出版的爱尔兰语书籍的主题是宗教。根据皇家命令,是爱尔兰人的首个起源(被称为伊丽莎白女王’s Irish type) was cast in London before 1571 和 was sent to Dublin where immediately an Irish printing press was set up in order to facilitate the production of religious texts. Regarding printing terminology, in traditional printing where metal moveable type is used, the term ‘fount’ (later ‘font’)是指以字体设计形式创建/铸造的物理金属字母。文体变体创建一个字体家族,在这种情况下为ClóGaelach或Gaelic字体/爱尔兰字体。

爱尔兰归正教会的新约圣经爱尔兰语译本发行,是使用伊丽莎白女王印制的’s Irish type, (a hybrid 源头 of Irish 和 Roman letters), dismayed the Irish Franciscans in Louvain. 在 response, the monastic college arranged for the design of what later came to be regarded as the first authentic Irish typeface, (Louvain Irish type), 和 this was used for the printing 的 catechism of Friar Bonventura O’侯赛(Giolla BrighdeÓhEódhasa),1611年。  Later typeface designs which form part 的 Gaelic typeface family include: Parker Irish type (1787); Petrie A (1835); B (1850); C (1856) 和 more recently, Colum Cille (1936) which was designed by Colm O’三蜡烛出版社的Lochlainn。 (有关爱尔兰字体历史的更多信息,请参阅Dermot McGuinne的爱尔兰字体设计)。

除26个拉丁字母外,ClóGaelach / Gaelic字体还必须包含所有带有síneadhfada(a“long sign”会延长元音的声音)。 要在元音上加上尖锐的重音/síneadhfada(而不是从耗时的符号菜单中插入特殊字符),对于Windows中的快速方法,请按住Alt Gr键,然后按元音产生á,é,í,ó或ú。  Again, in Windows, for capital letters, hold down the Alt Gr 和 the Shift key together, 和 then press the key for the vowel to produce Á, É, Í Ó or Ú.

On the Apple Mac, holding down the option key at the same time as the key for e 和 pressing the key for the vowel that needs the accent/fada will produce á, é, í, ó or ú.  For capitals, hold down the option key, the key for e, the Shift key 和 the vowel that needs the accent/fada added to produce Á, É, Í Ó or Ú. It should be emphasised that the inclusion 的 síneadh fada is very important for meaning e.g. the word fear = man, but féar = grass.

The Gaelic typeface includes a set of consonants with a dot above (known as a ponc séimhithe "dot of lenition", séimhiú "lenition" or buailte "struck")。 Since the establishment of An Caighdeán Oifigiúil/the Official Standard of modern Irish in the mid-20th century, 和 the adoption 的 roman typeface for printing in the Irish language, the letter h is inserted after the relevant consonant to indicate lenition instead 的 overdot. Special codes exist which permit display 的 overdot séimhiú but for the purposes of 编目, the letters Ḃḃ Ċċ Ḋḋ Ḟḟ Ġġ Ṁṁ Ṗṗ Ṡṡ Ṫṫ可能被转录为Bhbh Chch Dhdh Fhfh Ghgh Mhmh Phph Shsh Thth.

泰隆时代的象征⟨⁊⟩,在拉丁语中表示et等字;爱尔兰语(‘and’(英语),是简写系统(notae Tironianae或Tironian音符)的残余,据信是由Marcus Tullius Tiro(卒于公元前4年)开发的。  Tiro was the confidential secretary, literary adviser, 和 former slave of Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC), the Roman philosopher, lawyer, statesman who was renowned for his prose style. Tiro was freed by Cicero in 53 BC 和 following the philosopher’死后,蒂罗出版了一些《西塞罗》’s speeches 和 letters, in addition to writing a biography. Medieval monastic scribes used many abbreviations, including Tironian notes. 泰隆时代的象征⁊ survived in use in Latin 和 Irish language manuscripts to represent et 和 ocus/agus respectively 和 eventually became an essential element 的 Gaelic typeface. 泰隆时代的象征⁊可能被转录为‘agus’出于编目目的。

Early logo 的 Irish Department of 帖子 和 Telegraphs/ An Roinn Puist 阿古斯 Telegrafa,  图片:维基百科
图片作者 理查德·麦考尔Pixabay
Clóliosta,爱尔兰语印刷,1571年–1871: An attempt at narrative bibliography, by Richard Sharpe 和 Mícheál Hoyne (soon to be published by the Dublin 在stitute of Advanced Studies), is 从开始到1871年的爱尔兰印刷品目录,旨在记录“the title 和 imprint of every item entered, a concise material description, identification 的 Irish type used where relevant, the printer 和 place of printing, 和 references to appropriate bibliographical repertories”(dias.ie/cloliosta)。

On 2019年3月5日,理查德·夏普(Richard Sharpe)教授(牛津大学外交学教授)在  the 图书馆 Association of Ireland Cataloguing 和 Metadata Group Annual General Meeting during which he presented an overview 的 Clóliosta catalogue project 和 where he requested the assistance of cataloguers 和 librarians in order to alert the editors to the existence of little-known or obscure copies 和 editions.

理查德·夏普(Richard Sharpe)教授于2019年3月5日在爱尔兰国家图书馆举行的LAICMG年度股东大会上致辞。照片:Yvette Campbell
Copies 的 draft Clóliosta were made available to curators in libraries with relevant Irish holdings 和 the latest draft is now available as a PDF for download 从 the website 的 DIAS 这里. The level of detail provided in the Clóliosta renders it an invaluable resource to cataloguers of Irish language publications who wish to add scholarly notes to records, including identification of typefaces 和 printing houses, 和 to those researchers interested in the book history 和 the history of print culture in the Irish language.

The sad news last week 的 untimely death of Professor Richard Sharpe, renowned scholar, bibliographer, 和 supporter of libraries, came as a great shock to many in the library world. 

Ar dheisDégo rahh an anam uasal。

  • O'Neill, Timothy, The Irish hand : scribes 和 their manuscripts 从 the earliest times, Cork University Press in association with the Keough Naughton Notre Dame Centre, Dublin, 2014 (new edition). 
  • McGuinne,Dermot,爱尔兰字体设计: 爱尔兰字符印刷类型的历史,爱尔兰学术出版社,1992年
  • Hoyne, Mícheál; Sharpe, Richard, (eds.), Clóliosta , //www.dias.ie/celt/celt-publications-2/cloliosta/ [Accessed 31 游行, 2020].
帕特里夏·莫洛尼(Patricia Moloney) is a librarian in the Glucksman 图书馆, University of Limerick, where she is cataloguer 的 Dónal Ó Súilleabháin Collection in the Special Collections 和 档案 Department. She is the current Secretary 的 图书馆 Association of Ireland Cataloguing 和 Metadata Group.



吸血鬼猎人巴菲(Buffy)由乔斯·惠顿(Joss Whedon)创作,莎拉·米歇尔·盖拉(Sarah Michelle Gellar)表演,突变敌人,1997年。

The Winning post in the CONUL Training 和 Development 图书馆 Assistant Blog Awards 2019. This post is by 艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran) 担任图书馆助理 梅努斯大学 图书馆

I’m sure when many of you picture magic, demons 和 libraries together in the same context, the epic feats of 哈利·波特 or the acting exploits of Anthony Head in his longstanding role of 吉尔斯, 上 the TV series 吸血鬼猎人巴菲 springs to your mind instantaneously. I know I was certainly enchanted by the world of libraries 和 in particular the 特别收藏s department of libraries, mainly as a result of watching these movies 和 shows where magic imbued the collections 和 adventure lived a page away if 上 e dared enough to open the book. But imagine if we as librarians could bring this sense of adventure 和 involvement with our collections to the students we interact with 上 a daily basis. If we could entice them to actively delve 进入 the usually “restricted section” of our libraries 和 put these primary sources of information we so lovingly conserve to work. Now that would be magical!

从巫术收藏中精选了一些书籍,供学生在上课时探索。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)拍摄的照片© Russell library


MU图书馆 我们被鼓励作为图书馆从业者,想出将我们的藏书整合和嵌入到用户学习经验中的方法。这种做法不仅使我们能够满足机构的战略目标并为机构的战略目标做出贡献,而且使我们能够培养具备信息素养的毕业生,并通过动手积极学习为用户扩大学生体验。最近,我能够亲身体验“Giles”此刻,当一群二年级本科生学习历史时,利用我们的巫术和妖魔学书籍集,参观我们的图书馆以获得嵌入式学习体验。通过将我们特别收藏的早期印刷书籍纳入模块HY283:欧洲巫术c.1450-c.1650,我们不仅能够为学生提供他们在最终作业中需要调查的主要资源。但是我们能够使用收集材料来与学生和学术人员互动,以提供‘动手体验,以及离开教室参观新空间的行为。’[1]该模块由玛丽安·里昂斯(Marian Lyons)教授讲授,探讨了文艺复兴时期和科学改革革命时期的欧洲巫术现象,数千名死者被实践巫术并与恶魔交配。

让·博丁(Jean Bodin)出版的《德拉莫诺曼尼的魔法师》(De la Demonomanie des Sorciers),1580年在巴黎出版。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)摄© Russell library

阿塔菲索·德·埃斯皮纳(Alphonso de Espina)创作的Fortalicium Fidei,于1485年在纽伦堡出版。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)摄©罗素图书馆
During the session students were split 进入 two groups 和 my colleague Barbara Mc Cormack (Special Collections Librarian) 和 I were able to speak to students taking the module 关于 the physical makeup 的 items in the collection 和 how they came to be in possession 的 library 和 also the historical context 的 items in the collection in relation to their topic of study. Some 的 materials we were able to showcase in our class were notable resources such as: The Fitali的 已知是第一本包含巫术描述的印刷作品, 蚁mic by Johannes Nider, the second book ever printed examining topic of witchcraft 和 a selection by popular authors 上 the topic such as Jean Bodin 和 Martin Antoine Del Rio. By teaching the students in this manner 和 allowing them access to explore the materials, we were able to provide an opportunity for the students to engage with historic primary source materials 和 contribute to their broader understanding 的 history of witchcraft 和 demonology in Europe, by concentrating 上 a variety of sources held by the library for consultation.

马蒂·安托万·德尔·里约(Martin Antoine Del Rio)出版的Disquisitionum Magicarum Libri Sex,1608年在伦敦出版。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)摄© Russell library

在 preparation for the class, I also developed a finding aid for the students to help them in terms of navigating the collection, as the books that form the collection are housed in two separate library locations across the campus. 在 feedback received 从 the students we learned not 上 ly was the experience useful in terms of identifying 和 consulting sources they needed for assignment work but that engaging with materials such as the early printed books, created an exciting 和 dynamic learning opportunity that would not be easily forgotten 和 left the students excited for more.


As library professionals we are becoming more progressively aware 的 benefits students can reap 从 the incorporation of our collections 进入 the institutional curriculum 和 of how doing so can facilitate the development of critical 和 research skills such as handling, preservation, consultation 和 the ability to cite accurately.[2] Bringing this class to life with my colleague, Barbara 和 the lecturer in charge 的 module was an extremely satisfying experience both as a library professional, keen 上 the development of students in my care 和 as an avid fantasy nut who always dreamed of fighting the forces of evil 上 e book at a time.

De PraestigiisDæmonvm,约翰·韦尔(Johann Weyer)发表于1563年的巴塞尔。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)摄© Russell

[1] Hubbard, M. 和 Lotts, M. (2013). Special Collections, Primary Resources, 和 在formation Literacy Pedagogy. Communications in 在formation Literacy, 7:1, p. 34. [online]. [accessed 15 可能 2019]

[2] McCormack, Barbara. (2016). Embedding unique 和 distinctive collections 进入 the curriculum: Experiences at 梅努斯大学图书馆. SCONUL Focus, (68), 77.


“如果您通过其他人与人接触,则更容易进行宣传 ”2017年善本集团年度研讨会摘要:为特殊收藏带来新的受众,

米歇尔·布雷恩 是利默里克大学的图书馆员。米歇尔管理图书馆 ’s communications, conducts a range of assessment activities 和 performs research linked to customer service 和 quality initiatives in an academic library. 
Michelle has presented widely 上 information management 和 assessment topics 和 has had her work published in peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings 和 LIS practitioner literature. 
Michelle is an active member 的 LAI, advocating for CPD for library staff 和 she acts as a moderator 和 content creator for the Rudaí23 MOOC。 

图片由Elaine Harrington提供

The Chair 的 Rare Books Group David Meehan of DCU welcomed an enthusiastic group of librarians 和 archivists to the Chester Beatty library 上 十一月 24th. The delegates 从 all over Ireland’s museums, archives 和 libraries, (academic special 和 public) discussed how to bring new audiences to Special Collections.

I am a member 的 LAI 和 treasurer 的 Western Regional Section so I know first hand the value 的 contributions 的 various sections within the LAI but I must confess this was my first Rare Books Group event. It won’t be my last.

我也是CONUL的成员’s Communications & 外展 group 和 I am very interested in 外展 和 how libraries can become better at it.

我赢了’t repeat 这里 all 的 topics 和 talk titles 从 the 程序, you can view a summary 上 Twitter at #RBGseminar17 或在 程序. What I found most interesting 上 the day was the different successful approaches to outreach that are being practiced in Irish libraries 和 archives.

外联定义为“组织参与社区活动”,因此向外部受众提供服务的图书馆正在选择一种特定类型的外联框。但是,与传统受众群体的互动可能被认为是一项下降的业务。传统的学术界或学术界正在上网,因为他们希望在那里找到所需的研究材料。因此,Inreach(组织内部的外展活动)可能会成为您图书馆中的重要一环’s activities, engaging your most loyal supporters, already key stakeholders, in your collections 和 what you are trying to achieve through them.

也许你 ’ve lost the outreach opportunity to the family historian with the growing dominance of Ancestry. But there are new audiences out there; children, teenagers, 和 young people for whom there is a resurgent interest in the past. Is it the 1916 factor? The public has an insatiable demand for history at present. Giving teachers, learners, senior citizens, 和 occasional users a helping hand in our libraries is crucial for libraries. With community impact highlighted through funding agencies such as the Wellcome Trust it is smart to think 关于 outreach to these new audiences.

图片由Elaine Harrington提供

我们如何‘do’ 外展?

Doing outreach is hard when there are physical barriers in the way of your collections. The very thing you want to show off is under lock 和 key, so consider your audiences as if they were going to be guests in your home. Send them an invitation, make the environment welcoming, provide a hot or cold drink, give them Wi-Fi 和 access to the bathrooms. They are your guests!

举办午餐时间讲座,不要 ’t be afraid that 上 ly 5 people will turn up, they WILL tell their friends, 和 you will get more people the next time. Consider carefully where you host your event, the hard to access parts of your campus or building or town might provide mystery 和 intrigue to your audiences 和 they might be thrilled to be there. Do good signage, promise them coffee 和 they will come. Plan your event carefully 和 you will naturally find the collaborators you need.

如果您能够设计研讨会空间,例如切斯特比蒂图书馆美丽的研讨会室,那么请问您的听众’d like to see in there. Make it clear what you can offer them, what they are getting when they come. If you are ever in need of advice 关于 外展 和 how to do it well I recommend you tap in to the expertise 的 Rare Books Group 的 LAI. I am sure that their chairperson David Meehan can steer you in the right direction or you can ‘reach out’通过他们的Twitter帐户或网页向他们展示。

保持大家的好工作 赖RBG!去raibh maith agaibh。


2016年CONUL ANLTC图书馆助理奖:创建MU图书馆藏宝博客

* 2016年高度赞扬的参赛作品*



网志 已成为图书馆生活的预期特征。似乎我访问的每个图书馆主页都提供了指向其博客的链接,每秒钟的Twitter帖子都将我定向到有关图书馆新闻的最新博客文章。博客很棒。我可以阅读有关我从未真正访问过的图书馆藏书的信息。我可以了解即将发生的事件,也可以在以后阅读’ve missed it. The Special Collections 和 档案 team 这里 in 梅努斯大学图书馆 decided to complement existing MU图书馆 社交媒体 tools 和 create a 博客 to discuss, highlight 和 promote our collections 和 work. As our 特别收藏s are divided between two locations 上 campus, the 罗素图书馆 和 the 约翰·保罗二世图书馆,我们认为这是统一它们的好方法。但是博客没有’t start itself...


Firstly, for inspiration I looked up existing 特别收藏s 博客s in universities around Ireland 和 the UK. I also snooped through other library 和 non-library 博客s, trying not to get too engrossed or go off topic during working hours. I noted the design, content, regularity 和 variety of posts 和 contributors, writing style 和 other interesting or unique features. For instance the RCSI传统博客 has an impressive informal writing style, excellent imagery 和 interesting topics. 图书馆焦点 was invaluable in its variety of posts 和 insights 进入 博客ging in general. I discovered there are many different 博客ging 平台, 和 with free 上 line 社交媒体课程 上 e can easily jump right in 和 get started. However, as this is a team effort 和 to sneak in a CPD opportunity, I thought some specific face-to-face training would be in order.

With the support of management, my 特别收藏s colleagues 和 I received a half day training session with the wonderful 简·伯恩斯. Jane, an information specialist 和 社交媒体 wizard, offered a tailor made training session 上 the ins 和 outs of 博客ging. Her professional approach began with a pre-training day task encouraging us to look differently at our collection: in 200 words what item would we save 从 Special Collections if, touch wood, there was a fire? Writing a personal reflection like this helped to introduce the ‘personal perceptive’博客写作的概念。语言必须吸引所有人,但我们的图书馆同事必须熟悉。

Jane explained the different 博客ging 平台 和 we decided our best fit was WordPress的. For the beginner, it is easy to use, extremely adaptable 和 has a pleasant interface. The design of our 博客 would provide a fleeting permanence, be dynamic 和 changeable. We brainstormed a number of possible names 和 settled 上 MU图书馆的宝藏 which we felt encompassed our collections 和 what the 博客 is 关于. To ensure our ‘dynamic 和 changing’在界面中,我们将旋转标题图片纳入了设计。 

We included the opening hours for both locations, uploaded a gallery of images depicting a taste of our collections 和 embedded our 社交媒体 links 和 visitor statistics. 

WordPress的 offers a great statistical recording element to the administration aspect 的 博客. It provides insights 进入 popularity of posts, where our readers are 从 和 the breakdown of comments. The team agreed 上 a target of posts with the intention of regularity but not to overwhelm either ourselves or our readers. We created a Google calendar which we fill with upcoming University, local 和 national events. This helps to inspire 和 allows us to a ‘bank’ 和 schedule posts. Each team member is encouraged to contribute 和 the 博客 is opened to guest contributors. 

A picture can say a thousand words 和 when restricted to 500-800 words the right image can enhance a post. The concern however is copyright. Some of our collections include un-catalogued material that has strict conditions in their loan, donation or bequest agreement. 在里面 博客 ‘about’ 页面上,我们包含一项说明‘除非另有说明,否则所有图片均为梅努斯大学图书馆的版权’. Any external images used are referenced 和 obtained through appropriate channels such as 创作共用.  

统计                              知识共享搜索页面

Overall, the hard work was worth it. I gained a wealth of experience in the technological aspect of library work. I think the training was an essential element to the task. I now feel confident in setting up a 博客, writing for 上 e 和 encouraging others to do so. The reward of publishing a small piece 和 exposing interesting features of my work to a wider audience outweighs any hick-ups encountered in 博客ging. I gain a deeper appreciation for our collections 和 who knows, may even encourage a budding researcher to come in 和 have a look. 

‘博客首页屏幕截图’. Author’s screenshot
‘创意共同体’, Author’,2016年12月4日
‘标题图片’. Author’s screenshot
‘嵌入式元件’. Author’s screenshot
Stafford,J.(2015年5月20日)。如何逐步制作博客-面向初学者的WordPress博客教程2015 [视频文件]。从...获得 //www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNMiOjRf05c
‘统计’. Author’s screenshot www.thenextweb.com


2016年CONUL ANLTC图书馆助理奖:非凡人生。在我们的档案搜索系统CalmView上发现Kevin Boyle教授的遗产。

* 2016年高度赞扬的参赛作品*


发现遗产 凯文·博伊尔教授CalmView -我们的档案搜索系统。

NUI戈尔韦的Bernice Walsh


詹姆斯·哈迪曼(James Hardiman)最近推出了 Calmview - (Cataloguing in 档案, Libraries 和 Museums) –我们的在线收藏目录 

我点击 查看记录。滚动浏览“档案”的描述后,他的遗产便开始得到充分体现。这个人已经有所作为–在国际范围内!它使阅读更精彩。 当我尝试决定时,我什么都不会平静,首先要探索他生活中的哪个领域!

我从他的角色开始 民权协会公共关系官 in Belfast, 和 his membership 的 group 人民民主?或者我会探讨他的岁月 Chair of Law in 努伊·戈尔韦, 和 the setting up 的 Irish Centre for Human Rights? 

也许我应该读一下他的 foundation 和 directorship of Article 19 – the Non 
政府组织,与捍卫言论自由有关?还是他的主席 保护萨尔曼·拉什迪国际委员会?

我可以撇下他的导演职位吗 Human Rights Department in University of Essex, during which time, he 和 his colleague, Francois Hampson, would be named UK lawyers 的 year in 1998? 

Should I start with his observational reports, 和 research trips, for Amnesty 在ternational to Gambia, Somalia 和 South Africa?  

或了解有关他度过的那一年的更多信息 前总统玛丽·罗宾逊(Mary Robinson)担任联合国人权事务高级专员的特别顾问/语音作家? 

The list goes 上 和 上 ……………..这是我什至没有考虑的任何 开创性的法律案件 他参与了以下活动:

  • Donnelly等诉英国 –关于因北爱尔兰紧急事件而遭受虐待的投诉。 
  • 达顿与英国案 -同性恋非刑事化的核心。 
  • 耶尔希尔德诉丹麦 –涉及见解自由。 

最后,我从他的岁月开始 NUI戈尔韦,他是法律系的第一个全职成员/教授。

我点击参考号 A44,打开此存档涵盖的内容列表。

  • 左边的盒子 学术界 选项卡显示机构列表,包括 戈尔韦大学学院 – as 努伊·戈尔韦 在当时是众所周知的。 
  • 单击这些框是浏览存档的绝佳方法.  
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I discover how nervous 和 excited he is at coming to Galway, 和 setting up the Law Faculty (A44/5/5/1/1/5).

另一个小标题集中在他建立爱尔兰人权中心的努力上(A44 / 5/5/4/1)。

进一步的搜索显示他的 决心为我们的法律收藏筹集资金 (A44 / 5/5/6)。


我输入 达顿 在主搜索框中. A wealth of information is displayed, such as Press Cuttings, Case Documents 和 Case Research.


我输入 年度律师 进入 搜索框.

在结果中,我的眼睛被吸引 电子邮件,关于其提名的1988年英国年度律师 (A44 / 5/9/1/6/23)。

I read that Kevin 和 Francois Hampson received this 奖 for their numerous against 火鸡, 代 Kurdish Human Rights Project. These prosecutions would become material, for both scholars 和 practitioners, in 在ternational Human Rights Law (罗德利,2011年)。

他的出版物包括《北爱尔兰十年》(Boyle,Hadden,Hillyard) 349.416。男孩。我们持有一份 人权的战略愿景 341.48.STR的节日 同事为纪念他从埃塞克斯(Essex)退休而发表的荣誉。

不幸的是,凯文·博伊尔(Kevin Boyle)教授在2010年圣诞节那天去世,享年67岁。

This 博客 is primarily an appreciation 的 life of Kevin Boyle 和 the generosity of his wife Joan 和 sons Mark 和 Stephen, in sharing his legacy with future generations .It is also a salute to the power of digitisation, as after all –我的旅程始于 点击!

戈尔韦:詹姆斯·哈迪曼图书馆档案馆:凯文·博伊尔教授论文A44’进入2016年3月/ 4月 http://www.calmhosting01.com/NUIG/CalmView/Record.aspx?src=Catalog&id=A44

罗德利(2011)’凯文·博伊尔轨道’,监护人,1月2日, http://www.theguardian.com/law/2011/jan/02/kevin-boyle-obituary.

Hardiblog James Hardiman图书馆。 http://hardimanlibrary.blogspot.ie/2015/01/a-voice-forhuman-rights-launching.html


CONUL ANLTC 图书馆 Assistant Award 2016: 布莱恩·奥’希金斯/布莱恩·霍金(1882-1963)

*联合三等奖,由梅努斯大学的Olive Morrin赢得*


As we are remembering this year Irish men 和 women who played a leading part in the 1916年崛起 我想记住一个鲜为人知的人格,它来自邻近的米斯郡,在崛起期间一直在GPO任职。 He was 布莱恩·奥‘Higgins, the uncompromising republican, 1916 veteran, Irish teacher, poet in Irish 和 English, balladeer 和 historian. His brand of patriotism encompassed both the pen 和 the sword.


梅努斯大学图书馆特别藏书 我们拥有他的八本出版物。 We also hold two volumes of The Wolfe Tone Annual which he published 和 edited between 1932-62.  他出生于米斯(Mosth)的基尔斯基(Kilskyre),是一个有着浓厚民族主义传统的家庭。

I first came across 布莱恩·奥’Higgins when I was preparing an exhibition 上 local poet 和 nationalist 特蕾莎·布雷顿(Teresa Brayton).  As poets 和 likeminded compatriots they became friends when Teresa returned to Ireland after spending over thirty years in America.  当我发现Brian O的照片时,我很感兴趣’Higgins jnr. 和 Westmeath poet 威廉·沃尔什 摄于她在恩菲尔德附近基尔布鲁克的房子外面。本尼迪克特·基利(Benedict Kiely)还是个小伙子,偶尔从都柏林乘车去与特雷莎(Teresa)共度时光。’希金斯在克朗塔夫的房子。

威廉·沃尔什 特蕾莎·布雷顿(Teresa Brayton) 和 布莱恩·奥'Higgins jnr.

在 a young age he started to write 和 publish poetry in the Meath Chronicle.  He then moved to Dublin where he worked as a barman 和 joined the Gaelic League where he studied the Irish language 和 learned Irish dancing 和 songs 和 published the first of his many books.  He wrote for many regional newspapers 和 in 1906 he secured the Teastas Timire Gaeilge which allowed him to teach Irish.  Around this time he married Annie Kenny 从 Dublin 和 they had six children.

帕德拉格·皮尔斯(Padraig Pearse)

他遇到 帕德拉格·皮尔斯(Padraig Pearse) in 1912 和 became more involved with political activities. He subsequently became active in the events leading up to the 1916年崛起.

他在场 GPO during Easter Week 和 after Pearse surrendered Brian was sent with many 的 other Volunteers to 福诺克监狱 在威尔士。 1917年获释后,他进入克莱尔的一所爱尔兰大学学习。 He served a further prison term in Birmingham 和 during this time he was elected to the First Dáil in 1918.


在里面 内战 which followed the Treaty he was 上 the anti Treaty side 和 was again imprisoned. 在里面 Curragh he went 上 a twenty five day hunger strike which nearly killed him.  When he was eventually released he returned to writing 和 delivering orations 和 speeches.  He published 战士’复活节周的故事 in 1926 which was an account of his own experiences during Easter Week 和 the following year 黄金十年:1916年复活节周纪念馆.

在他的书中“Decoding the IRA”詹姆斯·吉洛格利(James Gillogly)写道“Many members of 辛恩·费因 对德·瓦莱拉(De Valera)生气‘违反了他的原则’. A leading member, 布莱恩·奥’据报道,希金斯(Higgins)对 德瓦莱拉 他离开了自己的妻子’德·瓦莱拉抵达参加葬礼”.  In 1938 he 和 seven other members 的 2nd Dáil signed over what they believed was the authority 的 Government of Dáil Eireann to the 爱尔兰共和军.


For the rest of his life he continued to write poems 和 songs many under the pen name of Brian na Banban.  1932年,他创办了沃尔夫·托恩周年纪念日,讲述了爱尔兰共和党的历史,一直延续到1963年去世前一年。 

For the rest of his life he continued to write poems 和 songs many under the pen name of Brian na Banban.  1932年,他创办了沃尔夫·托恩周年纪念日,讲述了爱尔兰共和党的历史,一直延续到1963年去世前一年。

布莱恩·奥’Higgins was no means a 上 e dimensional character, he wrote humorous verse, satire, religious 和 nature poetry such as 从 his book of poetry in Special Collections called 格伦纳莫纳 他的一些诗的标题在哪里 博因河谷佩吉·奥.

通过他自己的承认,他知道有些人认为他是“a crank, an irreconcilable 和 an extremist”.  但是他坚信自己采取的行动是因为它们是正确的。 在他四十年来的所有演讲中,他声称自己只发表过一次演讲“一个不动政治大衣的人……has 上 ly 上 e speech”.  我希望我能给Brian O带来些风味’希金斯按照自己坚定不移的原则过着自己的生活。


Life 和 times of 布莱恩·奥’Higgins 由Padraig O Tuile
www.Irish identity.com 布莱恩·奥’Higgins 1882-1963
解码IRA by Tom Mahon 和 James G. Gillogly, Cork: Mercier Press, 2008
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The Voice of Banba: songs 和 recitations for Young Ireland by Brian na Banban