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我的 UCC图书馆 同事 艾玛·霍根(Emma Horgan) 上周对我们的Instagram帐户进行了“询问存档”会话。获得的作品是如此吸引人,我认为捕捉它会很好 故事 以更永久的方式-因此这篇文章... 

1- What is the difference between an Archivist 和 a Librarian?
Archivists 和 Librarians are both very concerned with 保存, but since Archivists often are keeping the ONLY original copy of something they are more focused on 保存. Preservation meaning long term access... both 档案保管员 和 librarians are very much concerned about providing access 和 research 如sistance!
Because the material in archives is generally unique, 档案保管员 often have to spend a lot more time in processing / 编目 material than librarians do. Librarians can rely more on shared 编目 和 standardised processing by vendors to get things ready for the shelf.
Again, because the material in archives is generally unique, 档案保管员 usually can't permit the public to browse their shelves in person, or to check out materials. This has led 档案保管员 to be more personally involved in mediating between users 和 materials than librarians generally are. Librarians (and this is generally speaking - not true in every situation of course) mainly try to teach users to help themselves to sources 如 much 如 possible.
Librarians tend to do a lot more instruction 和 outreach activities than 档案保管员, teaching things like how to do specialised research, track citations, adhere to copyright 和 so on. Archivists are beginning to focus more on teaching 和 outreach than they used to. I personally teach undergrad 和 post grad classes in UCC图书馆 Special Collections, using material 从 the archival collections.

One more note: many people do not realise how diverse both the librarian 和 archivist fields really are. 的re are MANY varieties of librarians who specialise in all sorts of things... there are librarians who organise outreach for public 图书馆: science librarians who run institutional repositories for electronic articles; rare book librarians who catalogue unique printed works; academic subject specialists who administer collection development budgets 和 teach research skills; 和 so on. Archivists likewise might be specialists in research methods, acquisitions, born digital records, exhibit curation, or arrangement/description of paper archives. 所以 , all of my comments won't apply to every situation.

2-社会为什么需要档案保管员?/ 您为什么认为档案管理员的工作很重要?
的 most important 如pect of an Archivist's job is that we identify what documents 和 information should be kept 和 preserved for future generations to study. Once we make the decision not archive an item, it's gone forever.  

绝对是我在爱尔兰蒸馏厂档案馆中从事的Power's Distillery Collection。 

 I am a huge film buff, 和 fan of digital archiving, so my answer has to be the Walt Disney 封存.

我被说服了 Emer Twomey, UCC图书馆's long 常设 Archivist. Her passion 和 enthusiasm sold me. I also love learning new things 和 researching- a vital 如pect of an Archivist's job. 

Try 和 get 如 much work experience in the field 如 you can. Not only does it give you an idea if this job is for you, but it also enable you to build up your contacts in the archival world. Networking is important in all fields. 


伊丽莎白·弗里德兰德收藏. She was a german graphic designer, who fled Nazi Germany 和 was the first woman to ever design her own typeface- called "Elizabeth".

9- 您遇到的最奇怪的事情是什么?
I was working on a collection in the Irish Distillers 封存. I was opening boxes for the first time since they'd been filled in the 1930s, 和 found a really nice pair of gentleman's horn rimmed glasses. Had been swept into the box 从 his desk accidentally. 的y're on display in the archive now 如 an artefact.  

10- 妈咪呢这是什么故事?

11- 您的档案中最神秘的作品是什么?
我们有很多东西,包括死亡面具!但实际上,这是伊丽莎白一世的牛皮纸文件, containing, we think, royal orders. But the document is entirely in Latin 和 we haven't been able to have it translated. Could be a shopping list! 

12- 您曾经处理过的最酷的物品?

13- 人们如何着手编制档案?
if you are interested in compiling a family archive, get in contact 和 i can give you specific advice. If you want to preserve an item of national/historical significance, i would advise you get in contact with your nearest 封存, or the National 封存 of Ireland. 

14- 您在档案中找到的梦想是什么?
的 secret to eating my bodyweight in chocolate 和 not gaining weight, ideally! But realistically i love finding items that change our perception of history, i discovered a long lost distillery!

15-您如何成为档案管理员? 🙂
To achieve your qualification you can either do the MA in 档案 in UCD, or the part time MAs available 从 UK universities. 的 UCD course is one year, 和 intensive, but it is an internationally recognised qualification, so i can work in Canada or New Zealand if i decided to.

16- 你最喜欢什么颜色?
紫色-版税 😁

17- 你喜欢哪个?书还是电影?
电影, 我是 一个巨大的恐怖迷。爱 Spanish, Korean and Scandinavian horror.

的 unknown. I liken it to being in the ocean, 和 having no idea what could come up 从 the depths! 


20- 您对未来几个月有何期待? 
实际的人际交往!!! *清除 throat* Seeing my 同事s 和 friends again.



来宾留言者 帕特里夏·莫洛尼(Patricia Moloney)利默里克大学DónalÓSúilleabháin图书馆图书管理员

上周在图书馆推特上进行了转录查询之后,这些ClóGaelach / Gaelic字体的简短注释可能会引起以前很少接触爱尔兰语言的编目者的​​兴趣。

Almost all texts published in the Irish language up to the mid-20th century, were printed using the Cló Gaelach, a family of Gaelic typefaces (also known 如 Irish type 和 Irish character). 的 Cló Gaelach is modelled on an angular form of calligraphy (the insular minuscule script) based on the Latin alphabet, which developed in the Irish medieval monastic 脚本。 (有关爱尔兰抄写传统的更多历史信息,请参阅蒂莫西·O的《爱尔兰手》’Neill). Traditionally the letters j, k, q, v, w, x, y 和 z were not used in the Irish language, but in later centuries they began to appear in loanwords e.g. júdó (Judo); x-gha (x-ray); zú (zoo).

最早出版的爱尔兰语书籍的主题是宗教。根据皇家命令,是爱尔兰人的首个起源(被称为伊丽莎白女王’s Irish type) was cast in London before 1571 和 was sent to Dublin where immediately an Irish printing press was set up in order to facilitate the production of religious texts. Regarding printing terminology, in traditional printing where metal moveable type is used, the term ‘fount’ (later ‘font’)是指以字体设计形式创建/铸造的物理金属字母。文体变体创建一个字体家族,在这种情况下为ClóGaelach或Gaelic字体/爱尔兰字体。

爱尔兰归正教会的新约圣经爱尔兰语译本发行,是使用伊丽莎白女王印制的’s Irish type, (a hybrid 源头 of Irish 和 Roman letters), dismayed the Irish Franciscans in Louvain. In response, the monastic college arranged for the design of what later came to be regarded 如 the first authentic Irish typeface, (Louvain Irish type), 和 this was used for the printing of the catechism of Friar Bonventura O’侯赛(Giolla BrighdeÓhEódhasa),1611年。  Later typeface designs which form part of the Gaelic typeface family include: Parker Irish type (1787); Petrie A (1835); B (1850); C (1856) 和 more recently, Colum Cille (1936) which was designed by Colm O’三蜡烛出版社的Lochlainn。 (有关爱尔兰字体历史的更多信息,请参阅Dermot McGuinne的爱尔兰字体设计)。

除26个拉丁字母外,ClóGaelach / Gaelic字体还必须包含所有带有síneadhfada(a“long sign”会延长元音的声音)。 要在元音上加上尖锐的重音/síneadhfada(而不是从耗时的符号菜单中插入特殊字符),对于Windows中的快速方法,请按住Alt Gr键,然后按元音产生á,é,í,ó或ú。  Again, in Windows, for capital letters, hold down the Alt Gr 和 the Shift key together, 和 then press the key for the vowel to produce Á, É, Í Ó or Ú.

On the Apple Mac, holding down the option key at the same time 如 the key for e 和 pressing the key for the vowel that needs the accent/fada will produce á, é, í, ó or ú.  For capitals, hold down the option key, the key for e, the Shift key 和 the vowel that needs the accent/fada added to produce Á, É, Í Ó or Ú. It should be emphasised that the inclusion of the síneadh fada is very important for meaning e.g. the word fear = man, but féar = grass.

的 Gaelic typeface includes a set of consonants with a dot above (known 如 a ponc séimhithe "dot of lenition", séimhiú "lenition" or buailte "struck")。 Since the establishment of An Caighdeán Oifigiúil/the Official Standard of modern Irish in the mid-20th century, 和 the adoption of the roman typeface for printing in the Irish language, the letter h is inserted after the relevant consonant to indicate lenition instead of the overdot. Special codes exist which permit display of the overdot séimhiú but for the purposes of 编目, the letters Ḃḃ Ċċ Ḋḋ Ḟḟ Ġġ Ṁṁ Ṗṗ Ṡṡ Ṫṫ可能被转录为Bhbh Chch Dhdh Fhfh Ghgh Mhmh Phph Shsh Thth.

泰隆时代的象征⟨⁊⟩,在拉丁语中表示et等字;爱尔兰语(‘and’(英语),是简写系统(notae Tironianae或Tironian音符)的残余,据信是由Marcus Tullius Tiro(卒于公元前4年)开发的。  Tiro was the confidential secretary, literary adviser, 和 former slave of Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC), the Roman philosopher, lawyer, statesman who was renowned for his prose style. Tiro was freed by Cicero in 53 BC 和 following the philosopher’死后,蒂罗出版了一些《西塞罗》’s speeches 和 letters, in addition to writing a biography. Medieval monastic scribes used many abbreviations, including Tironian notes. 泰隆时代的象征⁊ survived in use in Latin 和 Irish language manuscripts to represent et 和 ocus/agus respectively 和 eventually became an essential element of the Gaelic typeface. 泰隆时代的象征⁊可能被转录为‘agus’出于编目目的。

Early logo of the Irish Department of 帖子 和 Telegraphs/ An Roinn Puist 阿古斯 Telegrafa,  图片:维基百科
图片作者 理查德·麦考尔Pixabay
Clóliosta,爱尔兰语印刷,1571年–1871: An attempt at narrative bibliography, by Richard Sharpe 和 Mícheál Hoyne (soon to be published by the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies), is 从开始到1871年的爱尔兰印刷品目录,旨在记录“the title 和 imprint of every item entered, a concise material description, identification of the Irish type used where relevant, the printer 和 place of printing, 和 references to appropriate bibliographical repertories”(dias.ie/cloliosta)。

On 2019年3月5日,理查德·夏普(Richard Sharpe)教授(牛津大学外交学教授)在  the 图书馆 Association of Ireland Cataloguing 和 Metadata Group Annual General Meeting during which he presented an overview of the Clóliosta catalogue project 和 where he requested the 如sistance of cataloguers 和 librarians in order to alert the editors to the existence of little-known or obscure copies 和 editions.

理查德·夏普(Richard Sharpe)教授于2019年3月5日在爱尔兰国家图书馆举行的LAICMG年度股东大会上致辞。照片:Yvette Campbell
Copies of the draft Clóliosta were made available to curators in 图书馆 with relevant Irish holdings 和 the latest draft is now available 如 a PDF for download 从 the website of the DIAS 这里. 的 level of detail provided in the Clóliosta renders it an invaluable resource to cataloguers of Irish language publications who wish to add scholarly notes to records, including identification of typefaces 和 printing houses, 和 to those researchers interested in the book history 和 the history of print culture in the Irish language.

的 sad news last week of the untimely death of Professor Richard Sharpe, renowned scholar, bibliographer, 和 supporter of 图书馆, came 如 a great shock to many in the library world. 

Ar dheisDégo rahh an anam uasal。

  • O'Neill, Timothy, 的 Irish hand : scribes 和 their manuscripts 从 the earliest times, Cork University Press in 如sociation with the Keough Naughton Notre Dame Centre, Dublin, 2014 (new edition). 
  • McGuinne,Dermot,爱尔兰字体设计: 爱尔兰字符印刷类型的历史,爱尔兰学术出版社,1992年
  • Hoyne, Mícheál; Sharpe, Richard, (eds.), Clóliosta , //www.dias.ie/celt/celt-publications-2/cloliosta/ [Accessed 31 游行, 2020].
帕特里夏·莫洛尼(Patricia Moloney) is a librarian in the Glucksman 图书馆, University of Limerick, where she is cataloguer of the Dónal Ó Súilleabháin Collection in the Special Collections 和 档案 Department. She is the current Secretary of the 图书馆 Association of Ireland Cataloguing 和 Metadata Group.



乔·皮金 is a medical librarian who has worked in a wide range of both public 和 private 图书馆, usually involved in 编目 or acquisitions.

I was recently 如ked by a friend, who is a lecturer in the School of Law 和 Government in DCU, about the archiving of a 特别收藏.  He was curious about the cost 和 time that can go into making a large, diverse collection searchable 和 presenta对感兴趣的人可以。我没有严格地作为档案管理员工作,但是到目前为止,他还是某种职业目录,所以我要求提供有关该项目的更多信息。 更加清晰,我可以(希望!) the mystique behind such a task 和 the challenges or pitfalls that it would face.  However, what stuck with me about this conversation was the importance of the project itself 和, 如 a result, the vital nature of archives 和 图书馆 in the current cli伴侣。

He 和 other academics 和 survivors of residential institutions have been petitioning 政府立即撤回《 2019年保留记录法案》。该法案本身规定将当前包含的所有记录封存75年。d in the archives of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (the Ryan commission), 和 the Residential Institutions Redress Board 和 Review Committee. 的y are fighting to have transparency of information for all survivors of abuse 和 如king the govement 积极参与 with survivors concerning the information held 和 the way that the records are treated.  

This issue is obviously a highly sensitive matter, any decision needs to take into account the wishes 和 feelings of survivors 和 those whose testimonies are involved, 和 希望 这是政府将决定在此问题上要做的事情。 What jumps out 如 the one inarguable tenet of the whole issue though is the significance of the records themselves 和 the need to ensure that the archival information is maintained 和 available if needed.  

无论政府是推进多代记录的计划还是听取反对团体的意见,真正需要做的是深入的档案工作,以确保 记录本身并不会永远丢失。 It would be easy to see a 75-year embargo on the records 如 an excuse to leave the collection unmanned 和 untouched but this kind of文档是确切的类型 我们需要依附的信息这些天的饱腹感。 事实的灵活性不断增强,这是一个从未像现在这样普遍存在的问题, 与一些世界’的主要人物几乎每天都诉诸于此。但是,我们可以采取这种否定绝对的主要方式之一 试图用毫无疑问的文档来应对它。 

的 job of an archivist, cataloguer or librarian in general is that of the retention 和 presentation of information.  信息本身很重要。 图书馆员可以展示人们e how to find what they are looking for but there should be an unbiased approach to both how we catalogue 和 how we present it.  在这种情况下,无论采取何种措施,似乎都倾向于压制重要的文件。儿子,我们作为一个社区应该反对它。 值得庆幸的是,我很高兴看到这种情况 Twenty prominent 档案保管员 和 information professionals at some of Ireland's main universities have called for “the full 和 immediate withdrawal” 旨在密封75年来数百万儿童虐待记录的立法。” It is so encouraging to see some of the leading information professionals take on causes such 如 this 和 show that the societal need for our profession should be growing in the face of the exponential growth in information sources 和 the lessening impact of absolute fact.
所以 , 至 总结 间接回答我的朋友’的问题,由于数量众多,这样的归档项目将是一个巨大的项目y 和 sensitivity of the information. However, it is also the kind of project that the library 和 archive community absolutely should be ensuring is undertaken 和 also given the focus 和 gravity it is so deserving of.  



吸血鬼猎人巴菲(Buffy)由乔斯·惠顿(Joss Whedon)创作,莎拉·米歇尔·盖拉(Sarah Michelle Gellar)表演,突变敌人,1997年。

的 Winning post in the CONUL Training 和 Development 图书馆 Assistant Blog Awards 2019. This post is by 艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran) 担任图书馆助理 梅努斯大学 图书馆

I’m sure when many of you picture magic, demons 和 图书馆 together in the same context, the epic feats of 哈利·波特 or the acting exploits of Anthony Head in his longstanding role of 吉尔斯, on the TV series 吸血鬼猎人巴菲 springs to your mind instantaneously. I know I was certainly enchanted by the world of 图书馆 和 in particular the 特别收藏s department of 图书馆, mainly 如 a result of watching these movies 和 shows where magic imbued the collections 和 adventure lived a page away if one dared enough to open the book. But imagine if we 如 librarians could bring this sense of adventure 和 involvement with our collections to the students we interact with on a daily basis. If we could entice them to actively delve into the usually “restricted section” of our 图书馆 和 put these primary sources of information we so lovingly conserve to work. Now that would be magical!

从巫术收藏中精选了一些书籍,供学生在上课时探索。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)拍摄的照片© Russell library


MU图书馆 我们被鼓励作为图书馆从业者,想出将我们的藏书整合和嵌入到用户学习经验中的方法。这种做法不仅使我们能够满足机构的战略目标并为机构的战略目标做出贡献,而且使我们能够培养具备信息素养的毕业生,并通过动手积极学习为用户扩大学生体验。最近,我能够亲身体验“Giles”此刻,当一群二年级本科生学习历史时,利用我们的巫术和妖魔学书籍集,参观我们的图书馆以获得嵌入式学习体验。通过将我们特别收藏的早期印刷书籍纳入模块HY283:欧洲巫术c.1450-c.1650,我们不仅能够为学生提供他们在最终作业中需要调查的主要资源。但是我们能够使用收集材料来与学生和学术人员互动,以提供‘动手体验,以及离开教室参观新空间的行为。’[1]该模块由玛丽安·里昂斯(Marian Lyons)教授讲授,探讨了文艺复兴时期和科学改革革命时期的欧洲巫术现象,数千名死者被实践巫术并与恶魔交配。

让·博丁(Jean Bodin)出版的《德拉莫诺曼尼的魔法师》(De la Demonomanie des 所以 rciers),1580年在巴黎出版。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)摄© Russell library

阿塔菲索·德·埃斯皮纳(Alphonso de Espina)创作的Fortalicium Fidei,于1485年在纽伦堡出版。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)摄©罗素图书馆
During the session students were split into two groups 和 my 同事 Barbara Mc Cormack (Special Collections Librarian) 和 I were able to speak to students taking the module about the physical makeup of the items in the collection 和 how they came to be in possession of the library 和 also the historical context of the items in the collection in relation to their topic of study. 所以 me of the materials we were able to showcase in our class were notable resources such 如: 的 Fitali的 已知是第一本包含巫术描述的印刷作品, 蚁mic by Johannes Nider, the second book ever printed examining topic of witchcraft 和 a selection by popular authors on the topic such 如 Jean Bodin 和 Martin Antoine Del Rio. By teaching the students in this manner 和 allowing them access to explore the materials, we were able to provide an opportunity for the students to engage with historic primary source materials 和 contribute to their broader understanding of the history of witchcraft 和 demonology in Europe, by concentrating on a variety of sources held by the library for consultation.

马蒂·安托万·德尔·里约(Martin Antoine Del Rio)出版的Disquisitionum Magicarum Libri Sex,1608年在伦敦出版。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)摄© Russell library

In preparation for the class, I also developed a finding aid for the students to help them in terms of navigating the collection, 如 the books that form the collection are housed in two separate library locations across the campus. In feedback received 从 the students we learned not only was the experience useful in terms of identifying 和 consulting sources they needed for 如signment work but that engaging with materials such 如 the early printed books, created an exciting 和 dynamic learning opportunity that would not be easily forgotten 和 left the students excited for more.


As library professionals we are becoming more progressively aware of the benefits students can reap 从 the incorporation of our collections into the institutional curriculum 和 of how doing so can facilitate the development of critical 和 research skills such 如 handling, 保存, consultation 和 the ability to cite accurately.[2] Bringing this class to life with my 同事, Barbara 和 the lecturer in charge of the module was an extremely satisfying experience both 如 a library professional, keen on the development of students in my care 和 如 an avid fantasy nut who always dreamed of fighting the forces of evil one book at a time.

De PraestigiisDæmonvm,约翰·韦尔(Johann Weyer)发表于1563年的巴塞尔。艾玛·多兰(Emma Doran)摄© Russell

[1] Hubbard, M. 和 Lotts, M. (2013). Special Collections, Primary Resources, 和 Information Literacy Pedagogy. Communications in Information Literacy, 7:1, p. 34. [online]. [accessed 15 可能 2019]

[2] McCormack, Barbara. (2016). Embedding unique 和 distinctive collections into the curriculum: Experiences at 梅努斯大学 图书馆. SCONUL Focus, (68), 77.


A fantastic photographic find: 马基斯伯爵夫人

Third place post in the Conul Training 和 Development 图书馆 Assistant Blog Award 2019. This post is by 西尔斯·雷诺兹(Saoirse Reynolds), 在图书馆担任图书馆助理 爱尔兰国家图书馆.

“Dress suitably in short skirts 和 strong boots, leave your jewels in the bank 和 buy a revolver.” 马基斯伯爵夫人

Late last year I joined the Special Collections team in the 爱尔兰国家图书馆. 的 team is responsible for developing 和 managing the library’s collections of manuscripts, photographs, ephemera, maps, prints 和 rare 和 antiquarian books. It is also responsible for onsite access to 特别收藏s via the reading rooms in Manuscripts in 2/3 Kildare Street 和 the National Photographic 封存 (NPA) in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar. Luckily for me I was placed to work between the Manuscripts department 和 Photographic 封存 so I have exposure to a wide range of interesting material.

Among my other duties, I am working on a project rehousing 和 listing a recent donation to the National 图书馆. This collection is vast, 和 it includes glass plate negatives 和 positives, prints, albums 和 lantern slides.

After an initial appraisal of the collection 和 report, it was decided to rehouse 和 list the glass plate negatives 和 positives. While carefully rehousing the glass plates, I came across three glass plate negatives of 马基斯伯爵夫人 和 her dog Poppet: two 17 x 22 cm 和 one 17 x 12 cm. 的y were housed in original envelopes 从 the Poole Collection. See images below:

普尔原件信封:‘2732 马基斯伯爵夫人’, ‘2733 马基斯伯爵夫人’, ‘D 4843 马基斯伯爵夫人’
I thought it was unusual that they were in their original envelopes 和 felt that I had never seen the images before. 所以 , in consultation with the NPA team, I checked the catalogue to find that the plates had been recorded on the NLI catalogue but were designated 如 not currently available.

到目前为止,我只能在线找到完整的比赛 玻璃板之一 这是未归因的。对于其他两个我只找到部分匹配 坐下常设.

我对Poole Index Books的研究表明,这些照片是在1917年11月3日左右投产的。您可以在下面的图像中看到‘马基斯伯爵夫人’与日期一起写在书的右上角。

根据日期摄影顺序创建日期;记录在A.H.Poole Studio的索引书中,日期为:1917年11月3日。

Countess Markievicz was born Constance Georgine Gore Booth 和 was a revolutionary 和 a politician. She was famous for her role in the Easter Rising in 1916, 和 was involved in the planning of the rising. She became a commissioned officer in the Irish Citizen’s Army 和 was a founding member of Fianna Eireann 和 Cumann na mBan. Markievicz commanded Irish Citizen Army volunteers in St. Stephens Green along with Michael Mallin during the rising.

Upon surrender, Markievicz was arrested 和 sentenced to death but instead got life in prison because of her sex. She was first brought to Mountjoy Prison 和 then to Aylesbury Prison in England in 七月 1916. She was released 从 prison in 六月 1917.

Markievicz was a trained visual artist 和 was very aware of the impact of the visual on political discourse. Her earlier portraits captured her privileged upbringing 和 lifestyle. In later portraits she presented herself 如 Joan of Arc, an icon of the suffrage movement 和 如 a militant republican. 的se images created her identity in the public eye.

“伯爵夫人Markievicz,她的狗‘Poppett’, 的o Fitzgerald 和 Thomas McDonald, members of Na Fianna Eireann, photographed at Waterford in 1917.”
In these photographs Markievicz is wearing military style clothes but not the Irish Citizens Army uniform she has worn in previous photographs. She is in a long skirt 和 military top - it may have been her uniform for training na Fianna.

我的 background 和 interest in Irish history was essential in initially identifying the glass plate negatives 和 bringing them to the attention of the NPA team. Finding them was also very exciting 和 reminded me that the work I do 如 a library 如sistant is a great privilege. I hope I go on to make many more discoveries!

已经确定这些是 普尔摄影收藏 和 can now be made available 和 digitised. 的y will fill in gaps in the collection 和 in the life of one of Ireland’s most iconic women.


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第四 place post in the Conul Training 和 Development 图书馆 Assistant Blog Award 2019。这篇文章是路易斯·沃尔斯沃思·贝尔(Louise Walsworth Bell)担任,在 梅努斯 University 图书馆.

经Noo Saro-Wiwa的许可
I’m a conservator at 梅努斯大学。一世’ve worked 这里 for 18 years 和 continue to be amazed 和 inspired by the sheer breadth of the collections held in the 图书馆 和 their relevance to the issues of today.

It is both an honour 和 a challenge to work preparing travelling 展览s. 的se allow us to bring our unique materials to the public. I was thrilled to be involved in the 肯·萨罗维瓦 Travelling Exhibition: ‘响起Ogoni的钟声’,该站于1月份进行了首次全国巡回演出,第一站是: 阿西社区图书馆.

肯·萨罗·维瓦档案 is an incredibly inspiring 和 varied collection. 在 its core are the personal letters 从 Saro-Wiwa to Majella McCarron姐妹 (OLA)。

的se letters 和 诗 are available on 开放存取沉默将是叛国罪.

肯·萨罗-维瓦(Ken Saro -Wiwa)给马杰拉·麦克·卡伦姐妹的信(日期:35/7/1994)
肯·萨罗维瓦 was an author, poet, playwright, 和 环保主义者 来自尼日利亚的尼日尔三角洲地区。考虑到他的家乡奥贡尼(Ogoni)对环境的破坏,他建立了 莫索普 (奥贡尼人民生存运动)。

Majella McCarron姐妹
Majella McCarron姐妹, originally 从 Fermanagh, worked 如 a missionary in Nigeria. She provided invaluable support to the Ogoni people 和 肯·萨罗维瓦 in the struggle to highlight the environmental destruction of their homeland. 的 then Nigerian military government arrested Saro-Wiwa 和 his 同事s 和 placed them in military detention. From there Saro-Wiwa wrote to Sister Majella, his letters smuggled out in breadbaskets. Sadly, despite Sister Majella’s effort 和 international outcry Saro-Wiwa 和 his eight 同事s were executed in 十一月 1995. In 十一月 2011, Sister Majella donated the archive to 梅努斯大学. 的 correspondence is further enriched by photographs, , 和 录音.

Photographs showing Irish protests: Afri Famine Walk 和 Sister Majella speaking at the Afri Walk
我发现这些字母特别令人讨厌,因为它们是单面的。马杰拉修女保留了她收到的来信,可惜她给他的信丢失了… yet the 28 letters in our archive capture a real sense of the man, his true literary talent 和 the issues for which he campaigned.

通过巡回展览,我们不’发送原件。 的 Special Collections 和 档案 Team 复制这些项目以扩大贷款规模。我们不假装商品是原创的,但重要的是我们要利用视觉的力量将读者吸引到收藏品的内容中。肯·萨罗维瓦’他的才能和他的笔迹一样可识别。

As a conservator I am regularly 如ked to work on items; stabilising them for access or 展览, rehousing collections that are compromised by their current condition 和 preparing works for digitisation. It is key in this work to maintain a sense of the item itself, not to remove the character that an object’生活印在上面… to maintain the authenticity of what the collection offers: uninterrupted 和 intact. However, I rarely get to read the items that I am working on. I could tell you what damage they have suffered in minute detail 和 what treatments I undertook to counter this, but the content itself may pass me by entirely.

As I worked on the facsimiles, trimming each reproduction to the edge of its page or support I was drawn into the depth of this collection. 在 the time of writing, Saro-Wiwa was on death row 和 yet his words reach beyond the page 和 his lifespan 和 speak to us directly. Whatever demons he faced in that time of uncertainty, he believed in peaceful protest, he believed in the Ogoni people 和 the importance of their culture 和 beyond all, he believed that the struggle for environmental justice is wholly worthwhile.

同样,我对马耶拉姐妹在录音中的感觉 梅努斯大学图书馆Ken Saro-Wiwa音频档案 helps place the plight of the Ogoni against an Irish backdrop, adding such a rich relevance to the collection 如 a whole. Creating public awareness of the collection is an honour 和 in this time of environmental challenges remains 如 relevant today 如 it was at the time of 肯·萨罗维瓦’s life.

展览在阿西举行了六个星期。它由基尔代尔市长市长打开, 胜能玛杰拉·麦卡伦(Majella McCarron)姐妹应邀来宾。


  • Gorey:5月25日– 4 六月
  • 韦克斯福德:10– 30 六月
  • 新罗斯:7月1日至13日
  • Bunclody:7月15日至31日
肯·萨罗维瓦’s cap